The Sons and Daughters of Liberty: Anonymous

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 12:28 am

As technology rages on, every part of our lives are dependent upon codes written by programmers who ship vital programs such as food, water, medical, educational and other vital programs.These programs are dependent upon technology in our daily lives. Our rights are even dependent upon the technology we have. Voting has become dependent upon technology as an enforcement of our rights.

Right now the use of the Internet is at its infancy and is steadily growing around our everyday life. Yet there are those who would use technology to skew it to their individual greediness. We saw this during the elections as when Karl Rove thought that Governor Mitt Romney took Ohio. Then the hacktivist group Anonymous said that they prevented the same digital flub like in 2004.

So who are these people that they call Anonymous? Who are these new patriots who don’t carry a rifle and scream the British are coming? To all intents and purposes they are our safety mechanisms. These are our checks and balances by which they thwart evildoers like the puppet corporations that took control of the Republican Party.

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Checks and balances are the eyes and ears of free election as well as freedom which Karl Rove may have discovered the night of the Presidential election. First the warning to Karl Rove then the response just after the election:

Photo Courtesy of Wonkette

There are many who are saying Anonymous had nothing to do with the voting system for the Presidential election of 2012. In my opinion as of writing this piece, Karl Rove seemed to slink back into the darkness. If Anonymous did this could there be other actions they are interested in?

After combing through chats and message boards; it seems that Anonymous has their eyes on Israel which could lead to a possible attack on Iran. The neo-conservatives in Israel may decide to attack Iran because of their nuclear power plants. If this happens neo-conservatives in Israel, Anonymous or some group similar to them will attempt to end this. What is Israel doing? According to Haaretz:

Israeli hackers bring down Saudi, UAE stock exchange websites

Apparently the Israeli military is preparing to counter any cyber-attack upon Israel and proceed with their plans. But their plans may have holes. According to Anonymous, they have hacktivists in every continent on this planet. There are hacktivists in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas as well as hacktivists in every branch of government.Israel also has it’s hacktivists too. It is unknown if there are hacktivists in Antarctic.

They are willing to take down the military infrastructure to prevent war between the two nations. This will clog up their systems so no one dies. Many of the hacktivists are also from Israel and feel that any potential war between both countries will end in casualties of innocent lives.

No one, according to various hacktivists are immune to Anonymous. Any country who may preemptively attack any nation without cause according to posts and blogs will collectively put an end to it.

Many are keeping an eye on what is happening between Anonymous and Israel. If war does break out it would be interesting to see how the end-result will turn out. My advice? Try peace.

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