Sign the Petition and Tell Congress No to Disabled Vets Benefits Cuts

Republicans in Congress are trying to lower the deficit on the backs of our disabled veterans. Stand with our disabled vets, and tell them no.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been bringing attention to part of the Republican deficit reduction plan that every American should know about. Part of John Boehner’s deficit reduction proposal involves cutting benefits for disabled veterans through a change in how the cost of living adjustment is calculated.

Earlier this week, Sanders called the plan morally unacceptable, “It is morally and economically unacceptable that anyone in Congress would propose more tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and large corporations while at the same time proposing significant cuts for disabled veterans. This is not what the American people want and it is not what must happen.”

The largest cuts in benefits would impact young permanently disabled veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Social Security Administration, permanently disabled veterans who started receiving VA disability benefits at age 30 would see their benefits cut by more than $1,300 a year at age 45; $1,800 a year at age 55; and $2,260 a year at age 65.

You are hearing nothing about this potential travesty, because the cuts would be done through a change in how the cost of living is calculated. This is obviously too complicated a concept for a mainstream media that spends most of its time waving their hands in air and screaming in Chicken Little like fashion that the sky is falling thanks to the fiscal cliff.

If the mainstream media won’t let your family, friends, and neighbors know what’s going on, you’ll have to.

The first step is to let Congress know that you are paying attention. You can make your voice heard by signing this petition, urging Republicans not to cut disabled veterans’ benefits.

The next step is for you to spread the word. Tweet, share, blog about, Facebook, or simply print out this post and let anyone you come in contact with know what’s going on.

These veterans fought for us. Now it is our turn to fight for them.

Sign the petition.

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