Mitt Romney is Having a Really Hard Time With This Whole Not President Thing

The AP reported on the Romneys attendance of Saturday night’s fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Placed seemingly in line with cameras, “The Romneys arrived during the undercard, drawing little reaction from the crowd.”

Perhaps the boxing world is not the one in which Romney “captured the imagination” of Americans.

According to Pacquiao’s publicist Fred Sternburg, Mitt Romney stopped by to introduce himself to Pacquiao in his dressing room before the fight with this, “Hello Manny. I ran for president. I lost.”

Just what every fighter wants to hear before the big fight. Romney has not lost his special connection with humanity, it seems.

You could understand Al Gore being devastated after “losing” in 2000, but Romney’s state of depression could be bordering on delusion. It isn’t as if Romney came close to winning the presidency. He pretty much got his clock cleaned. The loss has to be painful, but had Romney been living in reality, he would have known that he was losing heading into Election Day.

Instead of delivering a Nixonesque you won’t have Mittens to kick around anymore, Romney has become a pop culture Zelig popping up and spreading Charlie Brown like state of depression across America.

Proving that Republicans aren’t the only ones picking over the carnage, USA Today leads you to the “Hi, I lost” story with this teaser, “MORE: Did Romney pre-fight meet jinx Pacquiao?”

Et tu, USA Today? This is hard.

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