Obama Stands Up In Support of Michigan Workers In Right to Work Fight


President Obama stood up for workers in Michigan today by saying, ‘These so called right to work laws have nothing to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics.’

After praising the 115 new union jobs being created for the factory, the president discussed the success of the auto bailout. He said that the auto industry has added over a quarter of a million new jobs. Obama said that if companies want to build the best, they need to invest in the United States of America. The President said, “It makes sense to invest here in America.” The president said the country is making progress. Obama said, “What we shouldn’t be doing is taking away your right to bargain for better wages. These so called right to work laws have nothing to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics.” The president said right to work laws give workers the right to work for less money.


Obama said, “We don’t want a race to the bottom. We want a race to the top. America is not going to compete based on no skilled, low pay, no workers’ rights.”

The president later argued for the extension of the middle class tax cuts, and raising taxes on the wealthy. Obama said he willing to compromise a little bit, but he also wants investment in the things that make the economy grow. The president said he won’t compromise on tax cuts for the wealthy, because he won’t set up a situation where students, schools, or parents with disabled kids don’t get what they need because the wealthy got to keep their tax cut.

All through Obama’s first term many on the left wanted him to stand with workers in Ohio and Wisconsin. Now that he has been freed from the burden of electoral politics, and his political popularity has rebounded, the president can use the bully pulpit to argue for workers who are being left voiceless in Rick Snyder and the Republican Party’s power play. President Obama has always been a supporter of workers’ rights, but now there is nothing stopping him from joining the fight.

It may not be possible to stop the Republican fast tracking of right to work in Michigan, but Obama’s words will bring the weight of the presidency and national spotlight down on the travesty that is taking place there.

The Republicans’ worst nightmare has come true. Obama is back for a second term, and he is taking on all of their sacred cows from tax cuts for the wealthy to right to work.

President Obama has been unleashed, and he is standing up for workers’ rights.

(Video will be added as soon as it is available.)

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