Rick Snyder’s Approval Rating Plummets Due to Right to Work Law

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:27 am


The people of Michigan are letting Gov. Rick Snyder know that they don’t approve of him, or his right to work law. According to PPP, Snyder’s disapproval rating has shot up to 56%.

PPP conducted the first poll of the state since Gov. Snyder and his party shoved right to work down the throats of the people of Michigan, and the results aren’t good for the governor and his new law. According to PPP, Snyder’s disapproval rating has gone up a net 28 points since the last time they polled the state. The governor has gone from a 47%-37% approve/disapprove in November to a 38%-56% split today. Snyder’s approval rating has plunged nine points, while his disapproval rating as jumped by 19 points.

The polling points to the right to work law as being responsible for the governor’s plunge. Fifty one percent of voters in the state oppose the right to work law. Only, 41% support it. If they were given a chance to vote on it, voters would overturn the right to work bill by a 49%-46% margin. Unions are still very popular in Michigan, (52%-33% approval) so it appears that Snyder may have delivered a self inflicted wound that could jeopardize his reelection chances.

Snyder now trails every Democratic opponent that he was hypothetically matched up with, but too much shouldn’t be read into those numbers. It is a long time between now and 2014, but the numbers do reveal the depth of Rick Snyder’s immediate decline.

The popularity of unions in Michigan along with the law being forced on the residents of the state could add up to some real long term political problems for Rick Snyder. Voters tend not to forget when politicians defy their will. Snyder looked headed for reelection, but he tossed all of that in the trash the minute that he and the Republicans in the legislature conspired to enact right to work.

It is doubtful that voters are going to forget what Rick Snyder has done to their state.

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