Eric Cantor Thinks Starving Millions of People Instead of Cutting Defense is Common Sense


Earlier tonight, Eric Cantor called starving millions of Americans instead of cutting defense spending common sense.

Here is the video:

Cantor said, “I rise today to urge support for the measures before us to replace the sequester and reduce the deficit, and to extend permanent tax relief for the middle class and hundreds of thousands of small business people. For the past weeks and months, as people have been looking for jobs and budgeting for their expenses; we have been working to keep taxes from going up and offering common sense spending reforms. The Spending Reduction Act at issue today reduces our deficit and protects our national security by replacing indiscriminate cuts that are neither strategic nor balanced.”

One of the “common sense spending reforms” that Cantor didn’t want you to know about was the ending of funding for the Meals on Wheels program for 1.7 million Americans. According to the White House, “It entirely eliminates the Social Services Block Grant, which serves 1.7 million seniors through programs like Meals on Wheels. This would also cut federal funds for child care and related assistance for 4.4 million children; services for nearly 1 million disabled individuals; and child protective services which serve 1.8 million at-risk children.”

Rep. Cantor described it all as common sense, but I think many Americans would disagree that starving millions of our fellow citizens so that a few hundred billion stays in the bloated defense budget is common sense.

Those of you who are worried about any proposal that President Obama has made should really consider what the other side of the table is counter offering.

Obama says maybe we can do something on the income level for the tax increase, and Republicans respond with a starvation plan that Stalin would be proud of. It is hard to reach a compromise when the people on the other side are insane ideologues who see no problem with literally starving seniors who already face a one in seven risk of food security issues.

The next time somebody tells you that Obama is caving on the fiscal cliff take a second to consider what it is that Republicans really want, and what it is that the president is proposing. (While I vehemently disagree with the chained CPI, it is a huge leap from that to cutting off food assistance to seniors, children, and the poor.)

Republicans think starving millions so that defense contractors get a little more, and millionaires get another tax cut is just dandy.

If this is the “compromise” that the GOP is offering, maybe we’d be better off with the cliff.

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