Obama Should Appoint Scott Brown To A Position In His Administration

Scott Brown: Obama is a Good Man and Not a Socialist

There has been a lot of talk about another special election in Massachusetts where Scott Brown may make a come back. I think President Obama could snuff that out in a bi-partisan way by extending an olive branch to Scott Brown.

With the appointment of John Kerry as Sec. of State a great possibility, there is a lot of chatter about Scott Brown throwing his hat into another special election for his Senate seat. This is a seat that Scott Brown may win based on his 2010 special election success and low voter turnout.

The background is simple. The Republicans are pushing John Kerry to be Secretary of State so that they can possible win a seat in the Senate. This is a completely obvious political move. The Democrats have not countered this political chess game, but I think an Obama appointment of Scott Brown would be checkmate.

I believe Scott Brown should be appointed to a post in the next Obama administration, perhaps in the wheel house of the Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense. Brown, who was a JAG in the Army and has military committee background experience, would be a great pick for a post.

President Obama does have a history of appointing Republicans to various posts in his administration. For example John Huntsman as ambassador to China, so an offer to Brown wouldn’t be a shock. It would also make for a smart move politically.

An offer to Brown would put the Massachusetts Republicans between a rock and a hard place. Either allow Scott brown to accept the position and pretty much throw away a chance to win the next special election, or decline the position based purely on political motives and make both Scott Brown and the Massachusetts GOP look like political opportunists.

During this past election, Scott Brown tried fervently to tie himself to President Obama instead of running against him as he did in the 2010 special election. So it would seem to be perfect for him to accept the nomination and position.

Either way this could hurt the Massachusetts Republicans in the short term, but I believe in the long run this would be a good move for Brown. Scott Brown would be a decent choice to help with issues facing our veterans and that is because he is within their ranks This move would also keep the door open for a better possible Senator than Scott Brown was during his half term.

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