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The NRA’s Sleazy Sunday Strategy Of Using School Shooting Victims to Stop Gun Control

The NRA unveiled their sleazy PR strategy of using school shooting death to stop any potential gun control legislation this morning on both ABC and CNN.

The NRA’s Asa Hutchinson went on both ABC’s This Week and CNN’s State of the Union to try to narrow the debate about gun control by turning into a discussion about school safety.

Video of Hutchinson on CNN’s State of the Union


Transcript of Hutchinson on ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You say it should be part of the solution. I guess one of the questions, should it be a complement to other efforts or a substitute for other efforts? Even strong NRA supporters, like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have argued that everything should be on the table. He has got a big piece in the Washington Post today. I want to read part of it. He says, “if you think the problem of mass violence in our country is about just guns, you’re wrong. If you think it’s about just an entertainment industry that markets violence to kids, you’re wrong. If you think it’s just about insufficient security in our schools, you’re wrong. If you think it’s just about the lack of mental health services for troubled young people and adults, you’re wrong. We need to address all of them.”

Is Senator Manchin right?

HUTCHINSON: Well, I think you need to have a broader debate. Part of that debate that I’m focused on is the safety in the schools, but absolutely, you have a mental health issue and component to this.

I would make the point when it comes to more restrictions on firearms in our society, that if we go down that path, we’re going to miss the focal point of providing safety. I think that is really the wrong debate to have. We’ve had an assault weapon ban previous in our history. You had school violence continue. It’s not restricted to weapons. You think of Timothy McVeigh, he used fertilizer to conduct his mayhem. So I would rather focus on the safety side, what can we do to better secure and protect our children at school.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But then are you saying that the gun control debate shouldn’t be part of this at all?

HUTCHINSON: Well, it’s — sure, I mean, Congress is going to debate this. I just think it’s not part of the ultimate solution on this.

When you think about bringing together nationwide experts to provide some solutions for the schools, that really is what I think is most important. Right now you’ve got states introducing laws that would mandate teachers to carry guns. You’re having a whole potpourri of solutions, and I think if we get our experts together that could provide some things, that’s a better direction to go that’s thoughtful, that provides some solutions in terms of safety.

What is not being talked about are the sleazy motives behind the NRA’s public relations push back. The NRA is trying to narrow the policy discussion. They don’t want the country to think about the broader role of the gun culture in our society. They are ridiculously suggesting that part of the problem isn’t easy access to weapons. It’s school safety. They are trying pull at the nation’s heartstrings by talking about the safety of school children.


It is all a giant smokescreen designed to get America to talk about anything other than the role of guns in our society. The NRA doesn’t want us to talk about how easy access to guns could possibly play a part in the culture of violence that plagues our society.

This isn’t about protecting Second Amendment rights. It’s all about protecting profits for gun manufactures, and these sleazy individuals will sink to any low to protect their profits.

Nothing is off limits for the NRA, including using the victims of school shootings to carry out their agenda.


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