Republicans Hate Socialism but Fund Socialist Countries

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 12:55 am


At the bottom of every post is the comments section. I can’t seem to get an answer from liberals and progressives, so I am calling on the conservatives/Tea Party/Christians/Right Wingers/and Libertarians to answer this nagging question that has been bothering me. And that question is: Why do Republicans hate socialism in the U.S. but support socialistic programs in other countries?

Confused? Allow me to explain.

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The shooter in Connecticut had three firearms in his possession. We all agree that what happened was downright evil. But that’s where it all ends:

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News

Two of the three firearms are not made in the USA. Sig Sauer is made in Germany and the Glock is made in Austria. Both are socialist countries and last I checked no Republican wants socialism in our country. That socialism is evil, and you folks called the president a socialist…huh?

The Sig Sauer is around $650 to $950, and the Glock is $520-$600. After the shooting, all three firearms are sold out. Demand is skyrocketing; because everyone them are scared that Obama will take away their firearms. They rushed out and bought oodles of guns and ammo. Because of free trade between the above-mentioned countries and the U.S., terrified Black Helicopter conservatives are promoting the health and welfare of these countries, and every other socialist country that sells firearms.

When a shooting occurs, the President talks about gun control, the Second Amendment conservatives panic, and buy weapons from Europe. The money then goes back to their respective country, the corporations pays taxes, the taxes go to their government, their government then pays for:

Free or affordable education
Single payer health care, something even more socialist than Obama Care
Equal pay for women
Vacation Pay
Sick Time
Disability equaling to 100% until they get better
Affordable Housing
Maintaining public transportation
Wind, solar and thermal power plants

A host of other socialist programs are being implemented in Europe because of Second Amendment American conservatives. So again, the same people who claim to hate socialism and call our President a socialist/fascist are willing to foot the bill for social programs that YOU do not have access to here in the United States.

Oh, and before you start posting: EUROPE BANS FIREARMS! Guess what, they don’t. They have stringent regulations on firearms, but they don’t ban. They don’t even have a Second Amendment. Also, remember in 2011 the shooting in Norway by right winger/Christian/Islamophobe Anders Breivik? No? He was convicted of murdering school children and blowing up government buildings.

And there was a cry for a ban. Not of firearms, but violent video games. There was no call to ban firearms, and sales did not skyrocket. These same Europeans also have rights to buy semi-auto rifles too.

Why do conservatives detest socialism in the United States when they are paying for socialistic programs in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Israel, France, and Italy?


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