Tea Party Fantasies of Sending Obama to Prison for Benghazi

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Benghazi Gate

Sorry Haters: The Gate Has Closed on Benghazi-Gate.

The Republicans guilty of withholding money to protect our embassy personnel in Benghazi are still fantasizing about pinning the blame on President Obama.

Just as they got themselves all hot and bothered over Electoral College fantasies in the wake of their election defeat, thinking they could still somehow get the black man out of the White House, now they think they can send that black man to prison for a crime they committed even though they failed to impeach him as the scapegoat for their crime.

I guess the logic is, if you can’t get him now, get him later. Their buddy George W. Bush and his cronies Rumsfeld and Cheney, of course, can illegally invade and pillage countries and violate international law at a pace that can only be characterized as unholy (and get rich doing it), but Obama should go to prison because of something he did not do.

Because he’s black (for another example, see here).

Drew Zahn on World Net Daily lustily recounts  a story that “has been resurrected by the website TeaParty.org, a story at least one national pundit believes could send Barack Obama to prison.”

That pundit is, of course, Glenn Beck, who has made his livelihood out of wondering why the rest of us aren’t upset about fantasies taking place only inside his own head.

Zahen writes,

The tea-party site posted a Glenn Beck video from October in which the TV and radio host insisted a case for treason could be built against President Obama for his role in the attack of Sept. 11, 2012, in which armed Libyans captured and killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others at an American diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

“This president is lying to you about Benghazi in such spectacular fashion that I believe people will go to prison,” Beck said on the Blaze TV broadcast of his radio show. “This is impeachable; the president might go to prison for this one.”

Here’s the October 2012 video from Glenn Beck:

Beck, always happy to muse upon the imaginary and indulge in wild flights of cognitive dissonance, asked,

“Can you imagine a scandal, if it were to come out, that Obama supplied the terrorists, our enemies, with weapons to attack and kill our own embassy and ambassador?”

“This is why the White House covered, because our ambassador was killed by a guy we were running guns to and we are still running guns today, Russia Today is verifying that U.S. Stinger missiles are in the hands of the Syrian rebels, the Syrian rebels which are connected to al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. We also have a report now from the New York Times that we are using the Muslim Brotherhood to arm the rebels in Syria.

“This president is on the wrong side,” Beck concluded of the president who helped secure Libyans their freedom from Muammar Gaddafi. “It is so crystal clear, that at this point you can begin to make a case for treason.”

Obama not only secured Libyans their freedom from a brutal dictator, but he did it without involving the United States in a 10-year-war, and he did it without acting unilaterally and over the objections of America’s allies, as Bush did with respect to Iraq in the wake of 9/11.

And he did it without torturing anybody. If being black didn’t make him guilty enough, showing them up really did it.

The fact is, Libyans knew who side Obama and America were on, and after Ambassador Stevens was murdered, held pro-American rallies. Here is an example of how much Libyans thought President Obama was on the wrong side:


Even children apologized. If Libyan children can see the truth, why can’t adult Republicans? Well, Libyan children don’t have a racist agenda, for one thing.

If anybody worked against the interest of freedom-loving Libyans it was Darrell Issa and his witch-hunting Republican friends. If anybody didn’t have a clue what was going on, it was Mitt Romney and John McCain. Lots of people came out of Benghazi looking bad. Barack Obama was not among them.

Nobody has indulged themselves more in fantasy realities than the defeated and discredited Republican Party in 2012. Nothing you might see from World Net Daily, TeaParty.org, or Glenn Beck, is going to have even the most tenuous grasp on our shared reality.

For Republicans, the problem has nothing to do with Libya. The problem for Republicans is that Barack Obama is a black man in the White House, a house they seem to think is whites only. They will never stop grasping at straws, looking for some gimmick to undo an unwanted reality. Obama will always be an usurper. When they lose, they can only lose because somebody cheated them.

These Republicans are America’s lost souls. A generation who will waste themselves away pining for their fantasy white America, unable to understand that they lost not because of how they said things but because of the things they said.

Far from being one of the biggest news stories of 2012, President Obama’s treason is one of the biggest fantasies yet concocted by Glenn Beck, and as fantasies go, a real non-starter, except for those who can’t bear to have a black man in a white house. As RMuse wrote here in November, the Republican obsession with Benghazi endangered America; what Republicans fail to see is that by focusing on lurid fantasies instead of hard realities, it also endangers their political party and hopes for 2016.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson

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