Highlights from President Obama’s Week and 2012

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:18 pm

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West Wing Week brings you some highlights from the President’s year as well as the usual recap of the last week. No drama Obama has a great sense of humor. Not news? No, but it’s always good for a smile.

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A quick wrap up of the President’s week:

Friday, December 21st:

In the morning, the President spoke at the truly moving funeral service for Daniel Inouye, the late senator from Hawaii.

That afternoon, speaking from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, the President nominated Senator John Kerry to serve as Secretary of State.

Then, after a week of negotiation and debate around the fiscal cliff, the President took the podium in the Brady Briefing Room to talk about where we are in the fight to keep middle-class taxes from going up.

Later, the first family embarked on their annual holiday trip to Hawaii, where the President would spend a short time over Christmas with his family.

Tuesday, December 25th:
The President and First Lady made their annual Christmas Day visit to the Marine Corps Base Hawaii to spread some holiday cheer.

Thursday, December 27th:
With the debate around the fiscal cliff not yet resolved, the President cut his holiday trip short and returned to Washington to continue in the fight to keep middle-class taxes from going up.

I don’t know how they keep their summation so devoid of laughter. Where’s the part where Boehner humiliated himself after being rejected by his own caucus after walking out on talks with Obama, causing Republicans to point their fingers at Democrats and whine to the press, “Make them fix it! It’s their job!” Maybe that’s just part of working at the White House. You don’t get to say those things.

So I’ll say it. Yet another Obama holiday cut short by Republicans refusal to work. If I were Michelle, I’d be getting a wee little resentful right about now and I’d be pretty close to telling Mitch that the next time he blamed by husband for not doing the work Boehner is supposed to do, he should forget us coming back early from our Christmas holiday.

But hey, Republicans love breaking up family get togethers; it keeps some of their less productive members out of the bars and tears at the fabric of our nation by destroying “family values”. Win win! Wait, Boehner isn’t actually out of the bar, despite his post Plan B failure recitation of the Serenity Prayer (most commonly associated with AA).

Michelle deserves a Most Patient spouse award.

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