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A Live Blow By Blow Update of the Republican Fiscal Cliff Meltdown

Sarah Jones live tweeting the Senate fiscal cliff “debate”; aka, the GOP clown car heading straight for cliff of talking point re taxing the rich. Picked up after the Rand/Thune hysteria. Warning: Republicans are very angry; behaving so badly that media are calling them whiners.

Last to first:

So, yet another GOP fit. Yet another debacle. They are vewy, vewy mad at President Obama for being a winner. Country will pay.

@shivabeach I must! After Susan Rice, I realized McCain may not know what he’s saying so best I not repeat it.

strict policy never to repeat anything McCain says if I can help it. BUT: He’s pounding desk. Must be looking for defense handouts.

Over the cliff we go. House will try to claim they are lowering taxes tomorrow. COWARDS.

No deal tonight. House won’t vote. Won’t tell us why. They never read legislation so that can’t be it.

GOP clown car close to edge, much hysteria as they cover their tracks for the upcoming cave.

Right when you think it can’t get any worse… Roy Blunt. Must stop tweeting now.

If it’s not a joke, why do I laugh when I hear GOP lecturing on “spending”? Oh, 2 unfunded wars on credit, unfunded Medicare Part D… Right

Coats lecturing Obama “this is not a joke”. And here we thought it was the GOP who said they would obstruct anything Obama did. Huh.

Stay strong, Coats! Keep voting NO on jobs for veterans while you stand up for the rich. FREEDOM.

The President was “dismissive” and Coats wants revenge but that’s not where we need to be. He won’t “stoop” to that level.

while lecturing about republican math, Coats confused about how much time he had left to speak.

Coats lecturing about math. Hysterical. Thanks for the LOLs Senator.

another republican nattering on about spending being the problem (never bothered them when they were charging 2 wars). Coats (R-IN)

Quorum call. Who wandered off? Stalling.

Thanks for the nap Sen Lieberman. Sleepy cliffs, hard to pull off, but you did.

save your breath boys. House Republicans say they won’t rush to vote on anything. The GOP House: Where legislation goes to die.

Lieberman: fiscal snooze cliff snore bad very bad avoid proud of this country … where are we?

So, yes, Lieberman (“I”) = GOP. Very concerned over “entitlement” spending, but “discretionary” spending not a prob. .. Is he asleep?

Lieberman says we can’t do all of the cutting from “discretionary” spending which is not causing the debt (translation: no cuts to defense!)

Lieberman says we shouldn’t be surprised by cliff. We created it, he says. Yes, Senator. After you were sorta a Republican.

Speaking of alleged “Independents”, Lieberman is speaking. We’re back.

Just heard someone refer to self as “Independent”, which often translates to embarrassed Republican.

Republicans on break for math lesson.

Corker very upset about what’s a comin’ his way. BUT now he claims to support taxes on the rich. Blames Democrats for spending. LOL.

@kscolburn21 this is hysterical. just wait until the House implodes. This is the warm up.

The southern accent boys have “never seen” the President’s budget reductions. The one on the Internets. I’ve read it. Why haven’t they?

Dear Corker, the spending reductions you say you have never seen have been on White House blog for over a year. GOOGLE IT.

Corker veering near hysteria screaming “hostage!” on repeat

Corker again. Says President doesn’t want to reduce deficit. But hint: he would support tax changes. Hot rhetoric hiding a cave?

Mitch walking fine line, not getting on knees for “job creators” yet. Et tu, McConnell? Elephants demand Grover Norquist pledge…

Mitch needs a “dance partner”. oh dear. wrong forum, sir.

Corker is informing us what the President said, in case we might have missed the Real President. Cut off, thankfully. We await Bernie.

The Southern accent boys are very, very upset. BIG BUSINESS is being hurt, you fools! NO trickle down for you! (zero awareness empty threat)

Isakson feels President “poking us in the eye”. Unlike “YOU LIE”, eh? Yes, we are all impressed.

@RichMc461 Ah, poor McCain. Irrelevant.

Isakson (R-GA) very “offended” by Obama’s speech. We know it hurts boys. It’s called losing.

McCain lecturing us about “serious business” – time to stop celebrating Obama and get to work. Okay then. What’s stopping u boys?

Lecturing the President in a southern drawl is so endearing. For realz.

SOB STORY: Sen Graham’s family owned liquor store. therefore, social security suddenly has something to do with deficit.

Sen Graham doesn’t want people clapping for the President. That is not the image he wants – FYI. This is news? WE KNOW THIS, SIR.

Sen Graham misinforming the public on the senate floor. playing his shell game re SS. a drawl does not charm make, sir.

NO LINDSAY. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. Also, you are welcome to reject your SS payment. No one is stopping u, Sen.

Obama spoke and market goes up. OH MY GOD. Give him everything he wants, Republicans, or YOU HATE BUSINESS. (must I really put the /s?)

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