Fox News Encourages Rioting in the Streets After Taxes Are Raised on the Wealthy


Fox News is now openly trying to instigate, behind a mask of concern, riots in the streets after taxes were raised on the wealthy.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Brian Kilmeade introduced Stuart Varney by asking, “We’re becoming more and more like Europe like Senator Graham indicates. Is it possible that we could see riots in the streets?”

Varney then went of his standard America is becoming just like Europe rant. He said in part, “This fiscal cliff deal puts America more on the road to becoming like Europe. In every aspect, we are becoming Europeanized. Our economy, our morality, even our culture is becoming more and more like Europe.”

Fox News is trying to scare their viewers into rioting in the streets, because some rich people are going to have to pay a little bit more in taxes.

According to Fox, average Americans who are getting a permanent tax cut out of this deal, should feel so bad for millionaires and billionaires that they ought to fill the streets to demand that the rich be given more at their own expense.

The Fox News method of motivation is a scare campaign about how the United States is becoming just like Europe. (This kind of talk also offers the added benefit of reminding their viewers that President Obama isn’t “one of us.”) The reason why their won’t be rioting in the streets is that for years most Americans have held the belief that the rich should be paying more in taxes. Polling before the deal showed that nearly half of Republicans supported raising taxes on the wealthy.

For Fox News the idea of some rich people throwing a few extra bucks into the collective kitty is the equivalent of the downfall of the American way of life. What conservative and their media continue to ignore is that taxes have been really high on the wealthy throughout much of the “American way of life.” In fact, taxing the wealthy was a critical part of the American way of life.

Sorry, Fox News. People aren’t going to be rioting in the streets because the free lunch has finally ended for the nation’s wealthy. But what Republicans and conservatives are really afraid of is that Americans will be reminded that good things tend to happen in our economy when the rich pay their fair share, or at least bit more than they were paying before.

Now that the right wing’s no new tax barrier has been broken, what’s to stop people from demanding that wealthy and corporations pay even more?

The Republican no tax mantra is dead, and no amount of Fox News viewers holding signs bought and paid for by millionaires and billionaires can change that. The angry old white cavalry is not coming to the rescue this time, and no one will be demanding that the rich be given their tax cut back.

It’s over. The trickle down has trickled out, and not even Fox News’ toxic blend of propaganda and misinformation can bring it back.

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