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The Criminal Mindset Behind the Republican Threats to Shutdown Government

It would be safe to say that any foreign entity actively subverting the United States government would be considered an enemy of the state by most Americans, and if it was a domestic entity, labeling them as traitors, or domestic terrorists, would certainly be apropos. During the 2012 campaign, Republicans actively campaigned on an anti-government agenda, and despite voter rejection of domestic miscreant’s intent on eradicating government, Republicans are now pursuing various strategies to subvert the will of the people and eliminate the government’s ability to function. As usual, in lieu of a constitutional provision to bring functioning government to a premeditated and premature end, Republicans are resorting to their typical tactic to convince the American people the government must cease to operate by lying to achieve their goal.

Less than two months ago the American electorate sent a clear message to Republicans that their anti-government, John Birch agenda was unacceptable and it was a defining moment for this nation. After four years of obstruction, a first ever credit default, and perpetual attempts to sabotage the nation’s economy for the second time in 8 years, the people demanded government that worked for the entire population and preserved programs like Social Security and Medicare. What Americans are witnessing right now is the Republican’s 75 year campaign to destroy the New Deal, and since Republicans did not achieve victory at the ballot box, they will take down the government to achieve their goal.

The calls for a government shutdown and credit default by an increasing number of Republicans unless Social Security and Medicare are incrementally abolished is the latest ploy of John Birch ideologues disguised as fiscally conservative Republicans who cannot accept the results of the recent election. The proposition of closing the government is not exclusive to the extremist wing of the Republican Party as evidenced by mainstream conservatives such as Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) who penned an op/ed claiming “The biggest fiscal problem in Washington is spending and the national debt, and if we don’t reduce excessive spending on Medicare and Social Security – then, we will strangle economic growth, destroy jobs and reduce our standard of living. It may be necessary to shut down the government to secure the long-term fiscal well-being of our country.”  The lack of veracity in Cornyn’s assertion typifies GOP rhetoric as well as their inability to accept they lost the election, but disregarding election results is gaining favor among Republicans desperate to impose their vision and end two very popular employee-funded programs.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) shared Cornyn’s belief that elections to decide the direction the nation takes going forward is the purview of Republicans and not the voters. Graham said, ‘We’re going to have one hell of a contest about the direction and the vision of this country,” and one can rest assured it will be driven by the anti-government and anti-compromise John Birch faction in Republican ranks who would rather see government neutered than follow the voters’ wishes. In fact, Republican Senator Ted Cruz remarked that “I don’t think what Washington needs is more compromise, I think what Washington needs is more principle,” and besides being contrary to the will of the voters, it portends more gridlock and obstruction that has prevented a robust economic recovery. President Obama has offered to compromise with Republicans in a balanced approach to deficit reduction, but he stated categorically he “will not compromise” with Congress to lift the federal debt ceiling that led to a credit downgrade the last time lawmakers threatened inaction. Still, Republicans appear unwilling to compromise and ready to shut down the government over principle despite the damage to the economy and the people.

The concept of shutting down the government unless Republicans control the direction and vision of the nation is nothing less than criminal, and the reprobates threatening senior’s retirement and healthcare, Veteran’s benefits, and every function of the government is the GOP punishing voters for rejecting their John Birch ideology that no government and no compromise is the quickest way end the New Deal. Cornyn’s allegation that excessive spending by the Obama Administration destroys jobs and reduces the standard of living belies the fact that under President Obama spending is at its lowest level in 60 years, or that jobs are returning with no thanks to Republicans. The GOP has promoted the vile lie that Social Security is responsible for the national debt ad nauseum to eliminate the program, and only Americans with a chicken’s IQ still believe the GOP lie the government retirement program adds one penny to the national debt.

Republicans are playing a dangerous game with the nation’s economy, and their threats to shut down the government if their assault on Social Security and Medicare are not implemented is reprehensible and villainous. It is also a death wish for the GOP that suffered a certifiable disaster in 1996 as the public sided overwhelmingly with President Clinton and rejected the GOP extremism of hostage taking and shutting down the government. Republicans have become a depraved group of ideologues who are hell-bent on imposing their extremist vision for America that voters just rejected, and threatening to shut down the government is a despicable act of desperation. One might think Republicans would reflect on the last time their “shutdown” tactic failed when they controlled both houses of Congress and realize that with a only a narrow majority in the House, they have little leverage to force the President’s hand, but they will perish standing on principle before they concede to the will of the people and the results of the last election.



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