Michiganders Force Returning Lawmakers to Take the Walk of Shame

michigan walk of shame

More than 100 Michigan workers welcomed their lawmakers back to the Michigan Capitol with shouts of “Shame!”, forcing the lawmakers to do the “Walk of Shame” after they voted to force workers to work for less during the lameduck session. They also chanted, “No union, no peace!” and “This is what democracy looks like!”

Watch here via the Detroit Free Press:

They carried signs with the lawmakers names and pictures branded with red “SHAME”, and signs thanking Governor Rick Snyder for the forced pay cut reading, “Thanks, Snyder, for the $1,500 pay cut.”

The Republican led Michigan legislature passed right-to-work-for-less laws after Governor Snyder misled the public for years assuring Michiganders that going after the right to collectively bargain wasn’t on his agenda. The law passed in five days during the lameduck session, and Snyder quickly signed it. The governor explained his not-surprising (ALEC legislation is being passed by most Republican governors) about-face using Orwellian language saying he supported the “freedom of choice” for workers.

I haven’t found the worker yet who would choose to make less for the same work, nor anyone who who would call that “freedom”. Not to fear, the Koch brothers have plenty of Joe the Shill puppets to pass around the publicity circuit until they have to be hid where conservatives hid all of the busted grifters and cons they breed (Alaska?).

The Teamsters blog reports that Democrats gave “Tea Party” membership cards to extremist senators and representatives. The card reads:

Your Tea Party Membership entitles you to:

Hike taxes on seniors and middle-class families, while giving away billions to corporate CEOs
Slash funding for public schools and universities
Attack women’s rights and health care
Undermine collective bargaining
Direct line to Dick DeVos and Koch brothers for instructions on how to vote.

So, the workers still have their sense of humor, if not enough money to stimulate the lagging Michigan economy by purchasing things (the Republican willingness to deny this critical part of their allegedly “free” market never fails to amuse).

If lawmakers are in bed with the Koch brothers, it makes sense that they should be forced to do the Walk of Shame when entering the building in order to stab their employers (the People) in the back.

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