‘Proud Republican’ Anarchist Militia Member Sentenced to Prison


timothy joiner
A member of a Georgia anarchist militia who announced “I’m a proud Republican” has pled guilty to 30 charges in Liberty County Court for his part in the activities surrounding the 2011 execution style murder of two teenagers. He’s been sentenced to five years in prison and ten years of probation for his involvement in the anti-government militia group.

The Southern Poverty Law center reported today:

Timothy Joiner, a 22-year-old Iraq War veteran, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Liberty County, Ga., to more than 30 charges of burglary, financial-transaction-card thefts, and violations of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act among other crimes, according to the Associated Press.

The militia known as Forever Enduring Always Ready, or FEAR, was based at Fort Stewart, a sprawling Army base in Georgia. More than 10 members of the group have been arrested since Michael Roark, 19, a recently discharged soldier who served at the base, and his girlfriend, Tiffany York, 17, a high school junior, were found shot to death in the woods not far from the base shortly before Christmas 2011.

Four of the men charged were former soldiers according to officials from Fort Stewart, located in the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia. They include Christopher Jenderseck, 26, of St. Cloud, Minn.; Adam Dearman, 27, of Auburn, Ga.; Timothy Joiner, 21, of Hampton, Ga.; and Anthony Garner, 23, of Newnan, Ga. The militia group stockpiled assault weapons and plotted to overthrow the government. They spent at least $87,000 buying bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.


In August, prosecutor Isabel Pauley referred to FEAR as a “domestic terrorist organization,” telling a Superior Court Judge, “This domestic terrorist organization did not simply plan and talk. Prior to the murders in this case, the group took action. Evidence shows the group possessed the knowledge, means and motive to carry out their plans.”

It is not irrelevant that Timothy Joiner proudly proclaims his Republican party membership. It is sadly the far right of that party that has stoked the very anti-government fears that lead to an uprising in militia activity (see the report issued to the DHS regarding the rise of right wing terrorism and radicalism due to having a black president). It’s also not helpful that Fort Stewart plays Fox News on all base televisions, or that Rush Limbaugh is played for three hours a day.

Irrational, hysterical hate speech aimed at armed young people being trained to kill the enemy is a recipe for disaster. When you preach conspiracy theories and propaganda, you can’t pretend to be surprised when the targets act on it.

We await one single Republican leader denouncing the consistent charges of their party and their party’s PR TV channel that this President is a Socialist Kenyan Marxist whose “big government” is going to kill them with Death Panels. Just one, other than Colin Powell who gets destroyed by his party every time he suggests that Republicans need to stop the racist hatred.

Update: To clarify, Timothy Joiner did not murder the two teenagers. He was involved in the financial dealings of the militia behind the murders.

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