Watch V.P. Joe Biden’s Fireside Chat on Gun Violence

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:19 am

joe biden

Before Vice President Joe Biden introduced a set of ideas to help reduce gun violence, he kicked off a national conversation. He wanted to make sure that he heard from people from every perspective about the steps we need to take to protect kids and make our communities safer.

And that dialogue isn’t over.

Today, in a hangout hosted by Google and moderated by Hari Sreenivasan from PBS NewsHour, Vice President Biden will speak with a group of Google+ users about the White House policy recommendations and answer their questions. Join him at Google+ or watch below. If you have a question, you can suggest it by writing it on the participants’ Google+ pages.

Watch Biden’s take on FDR’s famous radio addresses to talk about reducing gun violence here:

The administration will continue to host hangouts with key members of the President’s cabinet on a range of second term priorities. Follow them here.

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