Mitch McConnell Gets Desperate and Promises to Avoid Losing Battles with Obama

Mitch McConnell

As Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faces mounting tea party challenges (assisted by some Democrats) in his home state of Kentucky, his attempts to spin the daily news cycle in his favor are growing rather desperate. Recently, hoping to steer the base away from the reality of his fiscal cliff cave, McConnell bragged to the Republican base that he had beaten the liberals by avoiding complete Filibuster Reform.

Today, Senator McConnell announced that there will be “no more brinkmanship and no more last-minute deals.”

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has declared there will be no more brinkmanship and no more last-minute deals. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, last year’s Republican vice presidential nominee, says it’s all about “prudence.”

This translates, as the AP pointed out, to avoiding losing battles with the very popular second-term Democratic President, and instead trying to reframe Republicans’ battles as being against Senate Democrats. So much for four years wasted attacking the Kenyan Socialist and asking for his birth certificate. Republicans can’t win against Obama, so they need to pretend they are no longer interested in fighting him.

As Jason Easley pointed out for Politicus today, Republican fear of Obama is only growing, “Terror has gripped House Republicans as they have finally realized that President Obama is already working to defeat them in 2014.”

In other words, the new “bad guys” are the Democrats in Congress. Forget all that you’ve heard about the evils of Obama. Republicans are running scared of the man they claim is out to destroy them. They can’t beat Obama, so they want their base to look at the new shiny object of their hatred — congressional Democrats.

The President is only coming after certain Republicans because they have made it clear that they are not interested in governing, whereas he is. Their own whinging obstructionism led to this. They painted themselves out to be the Party of No Jobs and austerity for the poor while subsidizing the rich.

Mitch McConnell swore to devote all of the Republicans’ energy to defeating President Obama in his first term, and he failed.

Today, facing the brutal failure resulting from four years of Republican obstructionism, McConnell is like the school yard bully who can’t win against his target, so he’s going after the littler kids.

It’s also known as defeat in some circles.

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