Sarah Palin Hits Rock Bottom, Would Lose Alaska to Her ‘Rival’ Hillary Clinton

Last updated on February 12th, 2013 at 12:23 am

Sarah Palin sneer

Remember when Sarah Palin thought she was the new Hillary Clinton? Palin has at times operated under the inaccurate belief that she is a rival of Hillary Clinton’s; wisely, Clinton has simply ignored Palin.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that not only are Alaskans done with Palin, but Clinton could win the state by 16 points were she to run in 2016.

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Ouch. PPP concluded:

Alaskans were very clear about their disapproval with their former Governor, Sarah Palin. 78% of Alaskans believe Sarah Palin should not run for President in 2016 and when asked whether they have a higher opinion of Congress or Sarah Palin, Alaskans choose Congress (50-34). This is especially telling since their approval of Congress is at a meek 8%.

If Sarah Palin were to run for President in 2016 against Hillary Clinton (oh, please proceed), Alaskans would vote for Clinton by 53%. Sarah Palin only got 37%, with 10% “not sure”.

78% of Alaskans do not think Palin should run for President in 2016 (familiarity breeds contempt: See Massachusetts on Romney). Only 16% think she should run. 6% aren’t sure.

When asked, “What do you have a higher opinion of: Congress or Sarah Palin?” 50% said Congress (at an 8% approval rating) while only 35% chose Palin. 16% were not sure (who are these people who still aren’t sure?).

Back in the hockey mom’s glory days, Sarah Palin accused Hillary Clinton of whining about the media and told her to buck up. Then Sarah Palin got a taste of it herself and spent the next four years whining until she drowned in her own self pity courtesy of blood libel.

Last week she was fired by Fox News for her toxic brand (they low balled her and wished her well when she predictably did what they hoped she would by letting her ego get the best of her). After she quit her job as governor mid-term, the former VP candidate went from Queen of the Tea Party to persona non-grata at Fox News in just a few years. Now Alaskans are done with her as well.

Apparently being the GOP’s weapon of mass destruction via “shuck and jive” digs lobbed at the first black president just doesn’t pay what it did in 2010.

Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling, concluded, “Alaskans are pretty clearly done with Sarah Palin. They wouldn’t support her for the Senate, they wouldn’t support her for President, and they have an ever lower opinion of her than they do of Congress.”

How’s that death panel thingie working out for ya’ now, Ms. half-term Governor? Not to worry, there’s more than just Facebook in Palin’s future. I see QVC and a line of sparkling short-shorts for Jesus in between guest appearances behind Glenn Beck’s Great Grift Paywall.

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