Bill Maher Responds to Lawsuit by Demanding Trump’s Long Form Birth Certificate


Bill Maher responded to Donald Trump’s $5 million lawsuit against him by asking for Trump’s long form birth certificate.

Here is the video:

Maher gave the back story behind Donald Trump filing a $5 million lawsuit against him and said,

“I ignored the letter, like all letters I get from crazy people. Until this week, when Trump and his lawyer, pictured here, when they actually sued me for the five million. And don’t forget, this is not a libel case, no no, they seems to be trying to set a bold new precedent that jokes on late night talk shows are now legally binding agreements between the comedian and the person they are making fun of. Yes, I’m sure this will go all the way to the Supreme Court. You know, I’ll tell you something. The legal system in this country is not a joke. It’s not a toy for rich idiots to play with.

And frankly, Mr. Balber, what you released raises more questions than it answers. At least it does to a growing chorus of patriotic Americans who call ourselves apers, and we’re just asking questions. Questions like, well, here’s what you put out. It’s the short form certification for live birth, not a birth certificate. It was clearly made on a dot matrix computer printer, and it includes a scannable bar code. Two technologies that were hardly around in 1946. Where’s the original long form certificate? Because a short form copy of a birth certificate unsigned by an attending physician isn’t proof of anything.

You know who I learned that from? I learned that from Donald ‘but I’m white’ Trump. Who would not accept the exact same document from the president. But remember who we are dealing with here. A man who for a little extra publicity will happily keep alive a debate about whether his family reunions are held at the zoo.”

The idea that a late night parody is a binding contract should be laughed out of court. But let’s face it, Donald Trump wants more attention and a chance to push his Obama racism. Trump is simply a more successful version of Sarah Palin. When dealing with a Trump or a Palin, it is a difficult tightrope to walk between giving them more attention and using their empty headed lunacy to make a larger point. Bill Maher mined Trump’s absurd lawsuit for both humor and message.

Bill Maher’s point was that Donald Trump and all of his ilk on the right are basing their Obama conspiracies on race. If Barack Obama was a white guy named Barry O’Donnell there would be no talk about his birth certificate. People like Trump use their birther conspiracies as cover for their racism. If a short form birth certificate is good enough for Trump to sue Bill Maher for $5 million, it should have been enough evidence to verify that President Obama was born in the United States of America.

At the end of the day, Bill Maher treated Donald Trump like the joke that he is. No one should take Donald Trump seriously. In fact, anyone who takes Trump seriously shouldn’t be allowed to vote, breed, or drive a car. In reality, the right only embraced Donald Trump because they thought supporting him was a cleverly encoded way of expressing their racism towards President Obama without the rest of us catching on. We’ve always known what they are doing, and now it’s time for a little payback.

There will no rest until we all personally see for ourselves, with our own eyes, Donald Trump’s original long form birth certificate.

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