Like Most Cockroaches, Ted Nugent is Still Here


Once upon a time not so long ago, Ted Nugent said that if President Barack Obama was re-elected and Mitt Romney did not prevail, then he would either be in jail or dead around this time. But Ted Nugent, like most cockroaches, is still here.

Just goes to show we can’t all get what we want.

So now, thanks to a certain Republican congressman from Texas who appears to have been separated from Ted at birth, Ted was invited to the State of the Union address. Needless to say a large number of mentally stable people found this offensive.

So here’s the thing about Ted, because here in Michigan we’ve known Ted has gone Fruit Loops for quite some time now. It ain’t news to us. What is news is that Ted Nugent is still considered newsworthy. Because all Ted really knows how to do aside from play a guitar, shoot a gun, have lots of sex with underage girls, and amass an ever more staggering mountain of evidence that he is overdue to be fitted for a straight jacket, is to specialize in spouting off reams of wildly inappropriate and offensive commentary. He’s kind of like a Macho Man Sarah Palin, the toy candidate who cashed in on her failures and spun dental floss into gold when she recognized how much money could be made by treating politics as entertainment rather than as any sort of serious endeavor. Unlike those poor lost souls who still believe holding public office is supposed to be about serving the public. And, like Palin (used to be), Nugent is a well-paid ringmaster for the Circus of the Certifiably Insane.

So then how is it that someone who has so little to offer the public discourse – except entertainment shock value – manages to rack up so much airtime when…

Heyyyy, wait a minute….


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