GA Republican State Senator Claims Frying Pans Kill More People than Guns

jackson frying pans

Watch out for those frying pans, people.

A Republican State Senator from Georgia, Bill Jackson (R-Augusta), took to the Senate floor on Monday to inform his colleagues, “They’re killin’ people with frying pans. They’re killin’ people with hammers! There’s more murders with hammers last year than there was shotguns, pistols and AK-47s.”

Jackson is very concerned about blunt objects. He lumps them all together, insinuating that blunt objects like frying pans are killing more people than guns. He’s ceratin that blunt objects kill more people than guns.

Watch here, courtesy of Better Georgia. No, really. You have to because there are not words:

YouTube version of the video:

Jackson continued, “Let’s help the people that need the help.” I totally agree, but I don’t think we’re talking about the same people. “That’s the end of this story. Thank you very much.”

Yes, that’s the end of this story! A little misinformation and a scary frying pan theory and Republicans are done discussing gun safety legislation.

Republicans should propose arming the military with frying pans. Think of the money we could save – fry an egg and kill an enemy. Win, win. Fiscal responsibility! Concealed frying permits would be all the rage.

Bryan Long of Better Georgia explained:

According to the FBI, in 2011, firearms accounted for 67.7 percent of all murders and blunt objects (including frying pans and hammers) accounted for 3.9 percent.

We could find no record of a mass murders with frying pans or hammers.

Only 3.9 percent of murders are due to blunt objects. In 2011, blunt objects (clubs, hammers, frying pans, etc.) killed 496 to 8,583 murdered by guns.

This is the level of debate in Republican circles. Frying pans don’t kill people, people do… or something. The second amendment says you can take my fryin’ pan out of my cold dead hands. I came uncooked this time. Them fryin’ pans is a-killin’ people. Fryin’ pans are the real problem.

President Obama is heading to Georgia tomorrow to discuss gun safety legislation. This is what he’s up against. Anti-intellectualism has jumped the shark. Watch out for blunt objects. They’re everywhere.

Republicans are humiliating themselves trying to appease the NRA.

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