Bill Maher:’Show Me Any Culture That’s Hostile to Women I will Show You a Culture that’s Screwed Up.’


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While talking about the Catholic church, Bill Maher made a point that also applies to the Republican Party, “Show me any culture that is hostile to women, and I will show you a culture that’s screwed up.”

Here is the video:

After talking about the resignation of Pope Benedict and the state of the Catholic church, Maher said,

“Fact is, any enterprise that excludes women almost always descends into sexual deviance, at least in my math. Whether it’s the Boy Scouts, the Penn State locker room or on Wall Street, sooner or later a bunch of innocent folks get f**ked. Show me any culture that is hostile to women, and I will show you a culture that’s screwed up. Like the Taliban, like our military with its enormous rape problem, and like the Catholic church.

This church needs a woman pope. Hillary Clinton just finished up her stint as Secretary of State. Maybe Pope Hillary could clean up the church? If there’s anyone who knows how to handle a guy who can’t keep his hands to himself, it’s her. And if Hillary won’t do it, Poperah. Jesus turned water into wine. Oprah whines about retaining water. Plus, she’s practiced at hearing confessions, and of course, she’s celibate.

And if she won’t do it, I have one more candidate. Someone born and raised Catholic. Yes, of course, I’m talking about me. Why me? Well, I have this hat. Plus, everybody’s always know that I have absolutely no interest in children. And of course, I can provide my own white puff of smoke.”

Maher’s point about cultures that exclude women always being screwed up was right on the money, and this is the exact kind of culture that the Republican Party is trying to create in this country. Republicans are proposing a culture where women have no say in what they get paid, no say in what happens to their bodies, and no recourse when violence is committed against them. In broad terms there isn’t much difference between the role Republicans want for place women into in this country, and what the black population lived under in apartheid South Africa.

Like blacks are in South Africa, women are the majority in the United States. The situations are also similar because a small group of whites (the Republican Party) are trying to reassert/keep their power by attempting to oppress the majority.

The Catholic Church has a lot in common with the Republican Party. They are both aged institutions who are ruled by men that are out of touch with today’s world. The big difference between the two is that most American Catholics ignore the church, but the zealots in the rank and file are the guiding the Republican Party. Both the church and the Republican Party are exclusionary, and have leadership issues.

Both are also becoming increasingly irrelevant in American society.

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