CPAC: White Supremacists and Wayne LaPierre are Welcome, but GOProud is Banned


CPAC is coming! Prepare your battleships, patriots. On March 14, the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference descends upon innocent Americans in order to spread the goodness of Dick Morris, movies sponsored by Citizens United and the liberty of fracking. Woo hoo!

But once again, there’s trouble in paradise, because once again, CPAC gave GOProud the boot. They invited Wayne La Pierre this year (along with Ralph Reed and conspiracy theorist Ben Shapiro) and last year, they had white supremacist John Derbyshire, but gays are too divisive.

Last year, GOPRoud was “kicked out” of CPAC because they are gay, according to GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia. The gay conservatives are told they can come as individual registrants this year, but no booth. No seat at the figurative and literal table. Why? Because the loudest voices in the conservative movement don’t want RINOs; aka, no compromising just for a big tent. So, gay Republicans, you’re out.

To wit, the twitter wars:

Jimmy LaSalvia, Co-Founder & Executive Director of GOProud, tweeted: @missADelgado We got kicked out last year because we are gay. Nothing has changed. We won’t be at #CPAC.

@kyleraccio: I won’t be attending CPAC if the non-conservatives come. CPAC not RINOPac

@flyoverangel: @JHarri31 and inviting white supremicists (sic) like John Derbyshire to CPAC. #HeadDesk. It’s like an SNL parody of what the left thinks we are.

‏@KurtSchlichter: Why is dissing @GOPROUD an issue every CPAC? Can we just focus on crushing progressivism? Thanx. Love, A Dude Interested in Victory.

@FigDrewton: “Wayne LaPierre invited to CPAC but GOproud not.” -Every media outlet, every day of CPAC. I hate hate hate hate the stupid decisions we make

@tatboy314: @FigDrewton The problem is GOProud NOT being invited… not that the NRA was.

@DefendWallSt: If you really don’t remember SoCon groups saying they wouldn’t attend CPAC because of @GOPROUD you’re either an idiot or a lisr (sic)

@lizbuddie: I really wanted to go to #CPAC, but I’m not inclined to give my $ to them b/c of their refusal to welcome @GOProud.

@jjshaka: Spare me the Twitter conservative outrage for CPAC not kowtowing to a gay group that has been nasty and vocal when not getting their way.

‏@kyleraccio: @StephenZieman they want in cpac so they can PROMOTE their liberal agenda. Im going (as a gay conserv) to promote Conservatism/ not gaypride

‏@vdizzle129: The groups that boycott CPAC because they hate gays need to be made AFRAID. They need to be marginalized with extreme prejudice.

@BlessedPope: Church Announcement: @BlessChurchLady.& I will attend the March CPAC meeting. We will lead the cause to kick @GOPROUD out of the meeting.

Oh, boy. Not so united yet.

Remember the Ron Paul dust up at last year’s CPAC and the justification for inviting the white nationalist? The big tent just keeps shrinking.

On their agenda is the attempt to win over the young voter. It’s unclear how they plan to do that while refusing to shift even a hair to the middle. What harm would it do them to allow gay conservatives to have a booth? Is that really so offensive to the majority of conservatives that they wouldn’t attend?

Where do these people live and how do they get through the day?

This nasty little war makes me wonder what’s so attractive to GOProud about the conservative movement. Conservatives do not represent fiscal responsibility or national security — all they really stand for is corporate rights and protecting the rich, while hating on all of the Others. But to each their own. We wish them well and hope that next year, they will be included so they, too, can revel in the joys of fracking for freedom.

Another clown show is coming to town. Buckle up, patriots.

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