Buster Wilson Claims Obama Wants to Declare Christians to be Mentally Ill and Lock Them Up

The American Family Association’s Buster Wilson is fascinated by his meat. It might seem reasonable, therefore, for him to worry about being classified as mentally ill. Yes, Buster Wilson lets go of his meat long enough to claim Obama thinks he’s crazy and wants to lock him up. Must be one heck of a fantasy. Just sayin’.

If you don’t remember Buster’s meat issues, here’s a refresher from last July:

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Buster seems unaware of this and claims that the reason we left-wingers use terms like “right-wing fanatics” and “radicals” is not because Buster and his friends, are, in fact, right-wing radicals, but because if we can somehow make the label stick we can get the CDC to launch “attacks against Christians based on some form of mental illness diagnosis.”

This is what Buster had to say:

Someday I believe that they are going to be attacks against Christians based on some form of mental illness diagnosis. I think it is not without reason that the left refers to people like us as those loony, right-wing fanatics or right-wing radicals, far-right-wing nut jobs. I think it is by design that they use those kinds of terminologies against us because one day I think there is going to be something in the hand of doctors, something in the hands of the CDC, something in the hands of the government that will be able to classify us a certain way and get us out of the picture. Again, who does the government hate? Who are they against? Who are they worried the most about? Those are the ones they are going to attack, you keep your eyes open to that.

Really, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Clearly, something is wrong with people like Buster Wilson and his cohort, Bryan Fischer and others like Ralph Reed. Mental illness is certainly one possible explanation. And it’s not just these religious bigots, it’s the politicians they inspire, like Rand Paul.

Buster doesn’t get credit for this particular conspiracy theory. Rather, he took a conspiracy theory hatched by Erik Rush and ran with it…and ran…and ran.

Erik Rush convinced himself that Obama was going to use the American Psychiatric Association to do away with Christians. Now, while I have a grudge of my own against the APA (their crappy  publication manual), I have to say Rush is pretty far out there:

Along with his disdain for European society and what Obama perceives as the vestiges of imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy (which includes America), he also despises that which gave rise to it, which serves as its cultural adhesive, and which stands as the chief impediment to a Marxist America: Christianity…In the case of those who pose the most dire threat to Obama’s designs – Christians – these will certainly be targeted. After all, who more demonstrably epitomizes mental instability in the eyes of the Marxist atheist than those who commune with and rely upon that which is unseen? To the Marxist, God is no more real than Elwood’s “Harvey,” and even more antiquated than the Constitution.

There is no disputing the fact that these right-wing radicals engage in what can only be described as “crazy talk.” There is a reason we use the term “bat-shit crazy” after all. If the shoe fits….

Which brings us right back to Rush, who cites as evidence “the political left’s intense derision for Christianity, and this most definitely includes Obama.”

Despite having passed himself off as a Christian in the eyes of the grotesquely ignorant, it is clear that he is functionally an atheist. Many argue that he is in fact a Muslim; my belief is that while he holds a marked affinity for Muslims, he is far too narcissistic to deign worshipping anything other than himself. More than anything else, he is a Marxist.

Literally, people like Rush just sit back and make this shit up. or they hear some equally crazy shit from somebody else and adopt it as fact, as has happened here with first Rush, and then Wilson. It’s almost like crazy talk is contagious, and maybe it is. Perhaps this is a pernicious form of mental illness that can pass from one person to another. Perhaps these right-wing radicals should be interred somewhere. It would certainly satisfy their martyr complexes.

There is a lot wrong with these men. As Right Wing Watch observed with regards to Buster Wilson:

Wilson’s bold stance against heated political rhetoric may come as a surprise since he frequently describes progressives as the “progressive-homo-left-Christian-Bible-conservative-traditional value-hating crowd,” “hate filled, heterophobic, christiphobic, and conservaphobic group” and “Bible hating, Christian hating, conservative knocking, vile, foul mouthed name calling, socialist hetero/Christo-haters.”

And they’re in good company with Janet Mefferd, who falls back on the ancient Christian lament that even being forced to live in the same world with pagans was a form of persecution:

Everything is so upside down in our society now and right and wrong have completely switched where what is really wrong is to say you shouldn’t have two boys allowed to go to the high school prom. Now we can get into a big issue of the public schools are morally bankrupt at this point and we all ought to exit and just let them, let them do their thing, and that may be the ultimate answer; on the other hand, I feel for these Christian kids who are in a prom or kids who are at this high school who say, ‘you know something, do we have to go down this road?’ Whether the homosexual activists like it or not, and I know this isn’t politically correct to say this, but not everybody wants to see that. I know that that’s offensive to the activist crowd, they want us all to see it, they want us all to approve of it, they want us all to call it blessed and okay and rejoice and have parties and throw confetti in the air over this whole thing. But the fact of the matter is it’s a moral issue. You will always have Christians who will disagree with this and why should the rights of the activists trump the rights of Christians?

Mentally ill? You tell me. I mean, come on, Janet, we could as easily turn your argument around and ask why you think your right to be obnoxious bigots trumps our rights as tolerant humans? Really, shouldn’t you just get off the planet already? Can’t you just disappear in a puff of logic? We just shouldn’t have to deal with your whiny little bitch of a God any more.

Somehow, I don’t think Jesus’ ego was this fragile.

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