Conservatives Convince Themselves Obama Would be in Jail if He Wasn’t President

Last updated on February 22nd, 2013 at 06:48 pm

We have seen how since 2008 conservatives have been able to convince themselves of almost anything about our first black president, Barack H. Obama. What they have not, even after 4+ years, been able to convince themselves of is that a black man has been elected president. Therefore, it’s a small step for them to convince themselves that though Obama SHOULD be in jail even as president, he would certainly BE in jail if he were not. Where else can a black man reasonably belong?

That’s the line Cliff Kincaid of the inaccurately named and ultra-conservative Accuracy in Media went with when visiting with Rick Wiles on TruNews. TruNews is a neo-Luddite Christian “news” network.  Wiles claims on his site that,

That is why the most important mission of TRUNEWS is not to report bad news – but to declare the Good News that Jesus saves and He promised to resurrect His children into eternal life in God’s Kingdom. There just aren’t any bigger news stories to report than the marvelous acts of the Holy Spirit around the world to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, restore broken lives, and bless God’s children; and the amazing world events and trends shouting that Jesus Christ is coming soon.

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Apparently, there ARE bigger news stories: like how Obama is a Marxist Muslim jihadist. And though Wiles’ radio byline is “The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth…so help us God” actual facts seem to matter very little and without facts, the much-vaunted truth gets short shrift indeed.

The two men engaged in some public locker room gossip about the man picked by Obama to be his next Secretary of State, Chuck Hagel, a Republican, and Obama’s counterrorism advisor, Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan, the man who has been nominated by the president as the next director of the CIA.

Somehow, Obama’s choices for these positions tie into his really not being an American, because no real American (i.e. White Evangelical) could ever have nominated either Hagel or Brennan. Only a black anti-colonialist Muslim could ever think of doing such a thing. If your brain is in knots, try to follow their logic as these braniacs talk themselves along what is really a very silly chain of logic:

Kincaid: We’ve got a President who couldn’t pass a background check, you know it’s not too surprising when we got a President like this putting into place people like Brennan, Hagel, we can go down the list, Van Jones, tick them off. It’s just that he gets away with it and the Republicans, I remember at our conference in Washington before the election, we had Congressman Lamar Smith there saying ‘well we’re not going to pursue impeachment because we hope the American people vote this guy out on November 6.’ Well, that didn’t work out so well, did it?

Wiles: No it didn’t. You know Barack Obama, if he wasn’t president, if he just worked into a government agency and said he wanted to apply for a job and he filled out an application, I think while he was sitting there and they were doing a background check on him I think agents would come out and handcuff him.

Kincaid: Yeah, yeah, you’re right. I mean, this is the guy—we don’t have to go through the whole history—this is the guy who Sarah Palin put it, ‘palled around with terrorists.’

So you start with a false premise, Obama could not pass a background check, and move on from that to a slander by the fact-challenged quitter-cum-grifter Sarah Palin, and presto! You have a black man in handcuffs. According to these two, Obama is one black man who couldn’t even get a job shining shoes at the White House.

To say their thinking strains credulity would be to put it lightly. They shouldn’t even be talking like this at a water-cooler. To think they get paid for it is almost criminal in itself. I don’t even want to think about the intellectual deficit required to be one of those listeners who nods his head as he listens.

So having established that they are unable to formulate a persuasive argument, they leap to another false premise, that Obama is tied into some global jihad. Asks Wiles,

So is Mr. Obama quietly orchestrating an Islamic takeover of the American government? The two big appointments before the U.S. Senate, our CIA nominee John Brennan, accused by an FBI agent of secretly converting to Islam, and Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, Cliff Kincaid has been on the trail of Chuck Hagel and he’s on the telephone from Washington to tell us wear the rabbit trail leads us…. So Cliff, when you went down the bunny trail following Chuck Hagel’s tracks, what did you discover?

Kincaid, of course, was ready with an answer:

Kincaid: Rick, everything leads back to the global jihad. All elements of Obama’s foreign policy involve support for the Muslim Brotherhood, including its mouthpiece, Al Jazeera. Chuck Hagel is part of the puzzle. Brennan, that you just mentioned, is another but of course ultimately, the buck so-to-speak stops with Obama, the Marxist Muslim in the White House.

Kincaid: Hagel goes before these Arab institutes and Arab audiences and basically badmouths Israel, attacks the United States, attacks the relationship with Israel and we’re just trying to get more information and evidence about what motivates this guy. Clearly, he’s in the pay of those who are part and parcel of facilitating this global jihad against America.

A little bit of tortured logic here and there, like the incompatibility of Marxism with fundamentalist Islam, and again, presto! You have a man who, because you disagree with his foreign policy, absolutely must be in the pay of global jihadists. There is no other possible explanation.

Well, except that Wiles and Kincaid are complete idiots, and dishonest ones to boot, and that they, and their listeners, are guilty of criminal ignorance. There is always THAT explanation.

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