Bob Woodward Comes Out of the Right Wing Closet by Praising Sean Hannity’s Journalism Skills



Bob Woodward outed himself as a right wing shill by going on Sean Hannity’s show and praising Hannity for “digging into things.” Those things are wild Obama conspiracy theories.

Part 1 of the interview:


Hannity asked Woodward about the threat, “People have said this was a threat, or I was saying this was a threat. I haven’t used that language, but it’s not the way to operate in a White House. As you know, when somebody says you’re going to regret something, particularly somebody in a position of power like Gene Sperling. He’s not just a guy in the White House. He is the economic czar for the president. He did the same thing for Bill Clinton, had the same job. So when you say you’re going to regret challenging us, I just think that’s a mistake.”

Woodward continued to reiterate his inaccurate claim that the idea originated with the White House, and called it an, “irresponsible idea.” Woodward tried to back up his inaccuracies by claiming that he spent two months reporting on how they came to the sequester, but his defense of his book should come as insult to everyone who has spent two years covering this story on a regular basis.

Part 2 of the interview:

Woodward claimed that he was standing up to Obama for all the young journalists out there. Woodward called Fox News a cornerstone of today’s media partisanship, and claimed that MSNBC supports Obama by believing that the president can do no wrong. Woodward then praised Hannity and his show. He said, “You let me say what I want. You dig into things. There is no bleep out button, and I believe in the First Amendment. So we have got to, my view, I suspect it’s not yours or Roger Ailes, we gotta bring this back to the center as much as possible.”

Hannity responded by trudging out the old, he is an opinion show excuse, “I would say this though in defense. I am like, The Washington Post has an opinion page. I’m the opinion page, and there is opinion programming, and there is objective news reporting. I’ll be honest. I’m very proud to work with some great reporters here at Fox that do dig in to issues like Fast and Furious. Our reporting on Benghazi, and I would even argue the fact that the president was never asked a lot about the$6 trillion in debt he accumulated prior to this election. In his first election, he wasn’t asked about his association with Bill Ayers.”

Bob Woodward praised Hannity for digging into things, and the things Sean Hannity listed as Fox’s serious journalism were right wing conspiracies. Apparently, Sean Hannity is Bob Woodward’s idea of what journalism should look like in the 21st Century.

Sean Hannity is regarded even among Republicans in power as a joke. Hannity isn’t a journalist. He is a right wing propagandist who uses his his nightly program to disseminate Republican talking points. The reason why any Republican who gets in hot water goes on Hannity is because they know they will be softballed. Sean Hannity makes Larry King look like Edward R. Murrow.

Bob Woodward has now completely revealed his partisan agenda. Out of respect for his former greatness, the mainstream media will still give him lots of airtime. The media will also ignore the fact that Bob Woodward has come up with a formula for selling his crappy books. Woodward knows that his books won’t sell without some kind of “investigative revelation,” so the Woodward formula is to generate lots of media attention with a controversial claim. He uses his credibility as former journalist to get booked on loads of television shows, and he plugs his sub par work so that it shoots to the top of the bestseller list for a few weeks before it is forgotten until his next book comes out.

David Corn, Jonathan Alter, and Robert Draper have all written great books about our current political environment in the last few years, but it seems Bob Woodward is looking to spend his golden years destroying his legacy by appealing to the right wing audience that will buy anything anti-Obama.

Bob Woodward praised Sean Hannity. This is how far he has fallen.

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