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Behind the GOP’s Debt and Deficit Talk Is a Scam To Make the Super Rich Even Richer

A fraudulent business scheme to swindle someone by means of a trick is a scam, and unscrupulous charlatans have cheated unsuspecting people for as long as human beings have existed. There are many approaches to separate a fool from their money as there are stars in the night sky, but they typically involve greed, fear, or loss that hardly ever fails to work. A group of Americans are being scammed by immoral operatives, and as is usually the case, the scammers are motivated by sheer greed for power and control of America and its wealth. The enactment of sequester cuts on Friday brought cheers from teabaggers as they realized their first victory in shrinking the government, but they will not be satisfied until it is small enough to drown in a bathtub. However, they are unaware they are victims of a scam, and pawns to enrich a small faction whose sole intent is separating America, and its people, from every last asset to give ultimate power and control of America to few wealthy industrialists.

Conservatives became deficit conscious in January 2009 with the Inauguration of Barack Obama, but debt or  deficit was not their primary concern; fear of new regulations and tax increases drove their sudden deficit frenzy. Combined with propaganda of crushing taxation by a Black socialist, men like the Koch brothers used domestic spending, debt, deficit, and intrusive government to frighten ignorant teabaggers into becoming surrogates in their drive to eliminate government they argue infringes on their economic and personal liberty that continues unabated. Teabaggers cannot cite how shrinking government, or domestic spending, will help them prosper, but they just know eliminating intrusive government is the key to America’s problems.

It has long been a Libertarian goal to eliminate government rules, regulations, and taxation to give free rein to corporatists’ unrestrained “free capitalism,” and unbeknownst to so-called patriots in the tea party movement, the only thing standing between abject corporate plutocracy and their economic freedom is the government they long to destroy. However, the reason eliminating government is propagated by corporatists like the Kochs and anti-government advocate Grover Norquist is their religious belief they should be immune to taxation, or requirements to follow regulations in their drive to seize power and America’s wealth. In lieu of any real threat to freedom, economic or personal, conservatives and their Republican cohort invented a spending, taxation, and deficit crisis to take advantage of racist opposition to President Obama, and despite the shrinking deficit, historically low spending, and low tax rates, Republicans convinced teabaggers that to save America, government must go.

The deficit is shrinking, and regardless if it was growing, it doesn’t hamper business, or job creation, or affect day to day Americans’ lives or their economic freedom. However, in their drive to cut spending to shrink government teabaggers support killing jobs that does affect every American with loss of services as well as revenue that starves government which is men like the Koch brothers’ goal because less government means fewer regulations and more opportunities to step in and privatize government services like education for profit. The billionaire Kochs are joined in their drive to starve and privatize the government by the Republican Party, and billionaire corporate CEOs and their campaign to “Fix the Debt” with their message that America faces an existential debt crisis that must be solved immediately regardless their profits are unaffected by the nation’s debt or spending.

The truth is that if there was a budget surplus and no national debt, businesses, corporations, or Americans would not be any better, or worse, off than they are today any more than the debt and deficit impacts a corporation’s business or obscene profits. When corporate leaders, Republicans, and deficit hawks decry the debt or deficit, their goal is shrinking government; especially regulatory agencies and the government’s ability to operate making room for privatization and corporate takeover.

What Republican controlled states are doing to education foreshadows their intent for the entire government. By reducing education funding they affect school performance, then they offer parents better school choice and divert public funding to for-profit private schools. If allowed to spread across the nation, public education will eventually be eliminated and all public funds will go directly to corporate-run schools which typically perform below public schools, but with profit as the motivation, and no government oversight, performance standards will be the purview of the local church, or corporate philosophy.

The intent to eliminate the government did not start with the tea party, but they were willing pawns in a long-standing goal of libertarian corporatists, with assistance from Republicans, to privatized America. It was not a fluke that newly elected teabaggers in Congress openly campaigned for a credit default to bankrupt America and give wealthy industrialists like the Koch cabal the opportunity to swoop in and “save” America from its creditors, or to stifle economic growth  and reduce revenue with schemes like the sequester and claim government can no longer function. In less than three weeks, Republicans will again hold the full faith and credit of the United States hostage when the debt limit expires on March 27, and there is little doubt they will hold the debt limit hostage for more damaging budget cuts or applaud a default.

That teabaggers cheered the economic damage the sequester is certain to wreak on the fragile economic recovery, and openly claim it was their “first” victory, portends a tenuous economy, and more poverty, over the remainder of the 113th Congress. Unfortunately for America, teabaggers align themselves with the Grover Norquist philosophy that until the government is small enough to “drown in a bathtub,” they will work tirelessly to achieve their goal and it means at best the government will come to a standstill, and worse, default and lurch into a major economic depression and it appears they will not stop until they reach their goal. All the while, the Koch brothers and their Republican allies will ratchet up the rhetoric that the economy is failing because of unrestrained taxation, regulations, and spending that prevents economic prosperity. The cycle will continue until America fails at which point plutocrats will take over and teabaggers will rue the day they gave up their freedom to the Koch brothers and helped eliminate the only protection they had against unrestrained oligarchy; the government.


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