Millions of America’s Gun Nuts Aren’t Hiding Their Yearning for Civil War

This country is in trouble;  not the sequester or the debt ceiling or closing down the country. The Fed and Congress can reverse those issues in a finger snap. Our trouble is coming from the barrel of a gun from rabid paranoids and the people “on the take.” Include also, terrified legislators staring down that barrel from clever manipulators like Karl Rove, in the employ of filthy rich maggots with no conscience.

The farce that is the congressional reaction to the Sandy Hook Bushmaster Children’s Slaughter (BCS) continues unabated. A Senate Judiciary Panel was holding a February 27 hearing on a bill laughingly described as an assault weapons ban (with a mere 2,200 exceptions). Before them was a tearful construction worker Neil Heslin. He’s the father of 1 of the 20 BCS child victims, cherubic, six-year-old Jesse Lewis Heslin. He held up a framed photo portrait of Jesse sitting on his dad’s lap, the picture the very quintessence of a loving parent-child relationship.

Neither the grieving parent or the portrait seemed to emotionally change a single expression or mind of the right-wing gun worshiping members of the panel. Most of whom were wondering which fancy restaurant the gun lobbyists would spring for after the ordeal of hearing yet another sob story was over.

Heslin had also appeared as one of numerous invitees to a series of General Assembly Task Force hearings held in several rooms of the Legislative Office Building about five weeks prior to the Senate Judiciary Panel. An estimated 1,500 NRA gun nuts were out in force. Some of them split off into the room where Heslin was testifying. He brought a different photo of his son to this inquiry, hoping a human face, especially such a precious young human face, would encourage the legislators to do something of substance. The NRAssholes in the room heckled Mr. Heslin still deep in his grief.

There are about 90 proposed bills out there. Most of them are centered on background checks and outing those with mental disabilities as societies’ pariahs and modern-day lepers. All the better to take no responsible action against handguns or most semi-autos.

The mentally ill account for less than 10% of the problem. That’s 90% left ignored. Households with guns statistics show that a family member, friend or acquaintance is 43 times more likely to be killed in that house than in a dwelling that is gun-free. About half of intruder killings are drug-related. A vast majority of those breaking through the door or window with mayhem in their hearts know their victims. Despite fanciful gun nut claims to the contrary, several hundred “stand your ground” defensive killings by homeowners meet the criteria as justified; though that number will grow as more states adopt legislation that says it’s perfectly OK to off that annoying neighbor banging on your door for the return of his lawnmower. “That’ll teach the pushy bastard.”

Here’s a small sampling of the most recent gun killings in my hood with a handful of national homicides thrown in for good measure.

A self-styled pimp was arrested in LA after firing a fatal shot in Vegas a few days earlier into the car driven by a rapper. The pair had argued outside a strip joint and the pimp caught up with the rapper’s Maserati at an intersection and killed him, causing the car to veer into a taxi, resulting in a fire that killed 2 more people.

A couple days before the Vegas mess, a college kid was shot dead at a residence hall near Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. The 19-year-old was shot 4 or 5 times. Authorities arrested a 20-year-old local bad ass March 1st and added murder to his rap sheet.

An 81-year-old Carolina coot shot a repo man to death in Sumpter County as he attempted to tow away the old fools’ vehicle. In the same county a women was shot and killed trying to break up a fight. An 18-year-old has been arrested and charged with murder. A Connecticut grandmother committed suicide after she took a revolver from the family residence, picked up her 2 year-old and six month-old grandsons from day care and later shot them both dead. The family knew she was bipolar and mentally troubled. Yet, there was a gun;  just sitting there.

Speaking of young, young children, a 4 year-old Houston tot found his sleeping dad’s stolen .40-caliber handgun and fatally shot himself in the stomach while the punk father slept a few feet away. Police found drug paraphernalia and weed in the house.

Every edition of my local paper features one or more gun death headlines. Another shooting either within a 30 mile radius of my residence or somewhere in the U.S. Just another day of the “take a life” culture that is America. And every day another bunch of extremist legislators and a few DINO’s defend with every fiber of their being, any attempts to kill fewer children and adults with guns.

Gun manufacturer’s are tightening the screws to preserve their evil craft. Dozens of gun manufacturers now refuse to sell to state law enforcement agencies because their state governments are “restricting the Second Amendment.”

Ronnie Barrett is Chairman and CEO of Barrett Firearms. His is quite a story. He’s been honored as a civilian who created a gun especially for the U.S. military and put together a commercial 82A1 from scratch. But I have to leave my admiration at the door because of statements like the one that appeared on the company’s Facebook page as reproduced on the Blaze website. “Barrett opposes those who are illegally disarming the American public from their efficient arms and creating superior armed elitist government agencies.”

As remarkable as the development of the commercial 82A1 .50-caliber might have been this weapon has no business in civilian hands. Which is what the California legislature realized in barring it from private ownership. It’s a vicious firearm with extraordinary killing power, close or at great distances. It will pierce any armored vehicle short of a tank.

So there you have it,  the latest movement designed not only to arm the citizenry like so many rogue pirates, but disarm law enforcement. About 50 manufacturers have signed on with momentum supposedly growing.

Of the 310 million guns in America, I’d guess right wing racist, paranoid radicals own at least three-quarters of them. What does that tell you? It appears that a fair percentage of the population wants a Civil War redux. Whether we’ve reached the point of no return is open to debate. An across-the-board Democratic victory in 2014 would end that debate.

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