John Boehner Calls Obama Sick For Making It Tough on Republicans


In an interview with CNBC, Speaker of the House Boehner said that President Obama is sick for making post-sequester life hard for Republicans.

In an interview with the always Republican friendly Larry Kudlow, Boehner whined that President Obama was making it tough for House Republicans. Boehner said, “The President is trying to make it tough on members of Congress. It’s just silly. I want to know who is being laid off at the White House. The Capitol is open for tours. We’ve been planning for this for months.”

John Boehner thinks it is sick that President Obama is trying to hold him and his House Republicans accountable for their sequester. Republicans apparently find anyone trying to hold them accountable for their own actions nauseating. The country has witnessed first hand that House Republicans don’t do accountability. They are all about manufacturing crisis situations that they can use as weapons for political gain.

What is really sick is the fact that Speaker Boehner has consistently lied to the American people. Boehner has said in interview after interview that the House had already passed a sequester replacement. The Speaker is well aware that the passage of the bill occurred in the last Congress, and is no longer valid. Yet, he has continued lie on a daily basis. What is even sicker than that is the fact that Boehner considers depriving 1.7 million people of food, “common sense cuts.”

The reason why Boehner is outraged is because Republicans don’t want there to be any visual evidence that the sequester is impacting the economy. Republicans have been claiming that the sequester would be painless. They have been selling these cuts as something that people won’t even notice. The problem for Republicans is that as time goes by people are going to notice. When workers start losing their jobs back home, House Republicans are going to have a huge problem on their hands.

Here’s a newsflash for John Boehner. President Obama is supposed to be making it tough on Republicans. Boehner wants Obama to roll over and give him everything that he wants. How dare the president actually stand up for working people? This president must be sick if he wants Republicans to be held accountable for their actions. Obama isn’t giving in. The president is going to give Boehner what he wants, so all the Speaker can do is whine how Obama is making life hard for him.

President Obama is doing his job. It’s too bad that John Boehner has no interest in doing his.

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