Mayor Dave Bing Says Detroit May as Well Get Used to Being Screwed

Bend over Detroit. It won't hurt that much if you smile.
Bend over Detroit. It won’t hurt that much if you smile.


So although Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has said he doesn’t necessarily, not quite, well not really all the way sorta wholeheartedly believe (is it OK to say believe?) that the idea of an Emergency Manager is a good thing for Detroit, the Democracy Thief in Chief, Gov. Rick Snyder, has indicated this is what he wants to do (screw us until we bleed) so, well, gee fellas. Might as well roll over/bend over because rape doesn’t hurt as much when you smile.

Specifically, Bing said in the Mar. 6 edition of the Detroit Free Press that “It’s time to stop BS-ing ourselves” and cooperate with the state to move the city forward.

“We need to end the drama and infighting and understand that whether we like it or not, an emergency financial manager is coming to Detroit,” he said at a Wednesday afternoon press conference on March 6, apparently forgetting that the man with whom he wants to cooperate to move the city forward is the same man who flat-out lied about his intentions when it came to the so-called Right to Work law. This man cannot be trusted because this man is a liar.

So for that bold leadership, Mayor Bing, Detroit wishes to thank you so much. Because, after all, what sense does it make to stand up for what’s right (as in protecting the vote of the citizens who used that vote to elect you to office and vigorously represent their best interests at times like this) if the other guy is bigger than you? When has that ever accomplished anything?

When in doubt, and your opponent appears threatening, spread those cheeks and smile until it hurts.

Not quite willing to accept that course of action, a majority of  Detroit City Council members have decided to move forward and challenge Snyder’s actions without Bing and without his blessings. Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown says he will also not challenge Snyder’s decision because a challenge without Bing is worthless, but other council members seem to feel that, well, maybe it’s Bing that’s kinda worthless at this point.

Stay tuned. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.



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