On the Edge of a Breakdown? Mitt Romney Thinks He Is Running For President at CPAC


Even though, he lost the election a confused Mitt Romney delivered his stump speech to CPAC.

Romney said that he was disappointed that he didn’t win, and the CPAC crowd called out, “you’re a winner.” Romney called for Republicans to “Take back the nation…take back the Senate, and re install conservative principles.” (It was a moment of deja vu as Romney delivered what was basically a stump speech about all of Americans that met on the campaign trail.)

Either Mitt Romney was stuck in a time warp, or he thinks that he is still running for president. It seems that Mitt Romney was still trying to convince the American people that he really knows what their lives are like. Romney said that he believes a conservative view can attract a majority of Americans. Romney told CPAC that he thinks Republicans should learn their lessons from the 30 unpopular Republican governors across the country. Romney directly praised Rick Snyder for imposing “right to work.” legislation in Michigan.

Romney touted Paul Ryan’s leadership. The advice Romney offered to any potential president was to, “Do whatever you can to keep America strong.” Romney attacked Russia again by claiming that they like China and the “jihadists” don’t understand freedom. The whole Romney speech was a sort of Twilight Zone moment, where he acknowledged losing the election, but still acted like he was running for president.

As usual with Romney the crowd started out cheering for him, but longer he spoke, the less enthused they became. Once again we got to see that conservatives may like the idea of Mitt Romney, but he bores them to death. Romney seems to be having some issues with losing the election. At one point, the crowd cheered when they thought Mitt was done stumping only to have Romney continue to take the last little bit of life out of the room.

Romney even used his campaign song as his opening and close. This man is having some serious issues, but his biggest problem seems to be that Mitt still thinks he is campaigning for president.

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