Fox News Responds to Obama’s Israel Success By Calling for Easter Egg Roll Boycott


President Obama’s visit to Israel was such a success that Fox News is desperately talking about anything else, including calling for a boycott of the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Barack Obama had a wildly successful visit to Israel. Obama not only delivered an historic speech in Jerusalem. He also acted as a facilitator in the normalization of relations between Israel and Turkey.

The president’s visit was so triumphant that Fox News is desperate to talk about anything other than Obama’s time in Israel. Karl Rove and Bill Hemmer scraped the bottom of the barrel when they called for a Republican boycott of the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Video courtesy of Media Matters:


Hemmer: I’ll tell you what Republicans should do. They should boycott the Easter Egg Roll on the first of April. As silly as that may sound, just say we’re not going to go.

Rove: I think they’d rather be. I think a better idea, I think a better thing would be to have an oversight hearing to say, ‘Really, Sec. Napolitano? You could not find $74,000 a week that you could have for White House tours? What about canceling this? What about the waste in this? Doing this. What about that? A whole range of options. They could found ways with the Homeland Security Department budget to pay the overtime for Secret Service to handle the White House tours.

Hemmer: Ok,now. So you don’t disagree with that point then?

Rove: No, not at all.

Hemmer: You wonder if there could be a boycott, say you know, this is not right.

By the way it’s easy to see how George W. Bush ran up the deficit while taking advice from Karl Rove. Hemmer’s idea was dumb, but Rove advocated wasting taxpayer money by holding an oversight hearing. Stupid and cheap is one thing, but expensive and just as dumb is inexcusable.

Rachel Maddow pointed out that Fox News had been pretending that Obama’s trip to Israel wasn’t happening.

Clip courtesy of MSNBC:

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While President Obama was receiving the highest civilian award in Israel, Fox News was running a commercial for their Sean Hannity special that declared Obama an enemy of Israel, “But with a friend like Obama are Israel’s enemies gaining strength. Sean gets expert insight on a special Hannity.”

When Fox News ignores what’s happening, that means Obama is doing well. The more successful the president is, the harder Fox News tries to ignore him.

Trying to gin up a boycott of the White House Easter Egg Roll in order to divert attention from the president’s success was pathetic, even by Fox News’ lower than low standards. The disconnect between reality and the right is never as obvious as when President Obama is doing well.

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