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The GOP’s Cure For its Messaging Problem (Humor)

When the Tea Party Republican’s latest version of truth is shiny and preapproved by the Koch Brothers, Rush Limbaugh and Fox, the previous version is dumped down a memory hole.  The Sequester was a classic example.  For decades, the GOP wanted to privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  When the Sequester was first announced, John Boehner said he got 99% of what he wanted.  Then it was revised to be “Obamas’ Sequester” with the hope that millions of Americans suffered from Romnesia, low information or both.

There was just one problem.  People like Rachel Maddow called them out for the revisionist flip floppers that they are.  If only there was some way to get that Lamestream media to get with the program.  Just imagine for a moment, if Rachel Maddow suffered from Romnesia.  Lipstick Liberal did just that in her portrayal of Rachel Maddow.



The Boehner-5 Trilogy: Part One “The Sequestration of RACHEL MADDOW”

CAPTAIN’S LOG: It was the year of fire. It was a year of pain. The BOEHNER-5 Project was their best hope. It Failed! The date is twenty thirteen, the name of the place, “The TEA Party”


You called for me, Great One?

CAPTAIN TELEPATH: I did. Some of Earth’s leaders have exhausted all their conventional methods, in their fight against the dark shadow. They are now ready to employ our more unconventional methods. You are their only hope to SAVE them from annihilation.



RACHEL MADDOW: If Republicans were really serious about being tough on government spending, than they would have to look at the Pentagon budget, right? I mean,   Even if they just bring the Pentagon budget down a little bit, you know, I don’t know, the Cold War levels, what could happen?

You would devastate our National Security, that’s what would happen!

What I mean is, to show your strength and power as country you cannot just have “tea” with your enemies. You must go in with an overwhelming force, over and over again, and then get the hell out. Show me in history when that has not proven successful?

And now? Did you hear? Negotiating with terrorists is a good thing now?

Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is NOT damaging our Military?

(Rachel Maddow nods “of course it is”)


SOLDIER TELEPATH: Their gay leader will no longer be exposing Right-Wing Conservative half-truths and lies.

CAPTAIN TELEPATH: Excellent, but there is still work to be done.

(MSNBC’s The Cycle Krystal Ball)


To be continued…….

Adalia Woodbury

Former contributor.

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