Will Republican Mind Control Succeed? (Humor)

LL trilogy part 3

First they went for Rachel Maddow, then Krystal Klear.  Two powerful liberal opinion makers have fallen under the Tea Party Repubican spell.  Now, it’s time to take on Nancy Pelosi.  With just a little mind control, she will denounce all those bad liberal ideas and chant the merits of austerity!  Mooohaaahaa!

But, there is still one great hope for Liberals.  Controlling her will be a challenge  but if the Tea Party Republicans suceed liberalism will be dead in America once and for all

Will they succeed?




ANNOUNCER: A message from Democratic leader NANCY PELOSI on Reducing America’s deficit.


NANCY PELOSI: The only way to avoid the debt crisis is too drastically cut government spending or we’ll turn into Greece. We start now! OPA!!

Light the Cheese of fire! OPA!!

(takes a shot of Ouzo) OPA!!



Soldier Telepath: Their wisest leader, will no longer protecting 98% of humans from Republican policy.

Captain Telepath: You have one last and most difficult infiltration left. Our leaders have tried everything to try and stop this human, but it’s intelligence and will have proven to be much too strong. It has even been prophesied, that in the year twenty sixteen, this human will bring the final annihilation of our leaders.

Soldier Telepath: No surrender, no retreat.

HILARY CLINTON BENGHAZI HEARINGS where Soldier Telepath has no power.

ANNOUNCER: Now, get the hell out of our galaxy!!

Tea-Party Boehner-5 Ship blows into infinity!


Hillary Clinton saved the day because she smarter, better and stronger than the Tea Party Republicans put together.

Thanks to Lipstick Liberal for this trilogy.

Yes, it is fiction but as with the best fiction there is an element of reality.  Republicans think they can brain wash us into submission with a little out-reach here and some voter suppression there. Getting them the hell out of our galaxy will take more than relying on Hillary Clinton and others.

Republicans will continue to use spin, propaganda designed to bring out fear, resentment and confusion.  Ignorance is a brainwasher’s best friend.  Our best defense, really is remaining aware of the issues, understanding the difference between truth and fiction, exercising our right to vote during elections and making our voices heard on the issues in between.

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