Sarah Palin Returns To Help Democrats Win More Elections In 2014


Sarah Palin is back, and ready to help Democrats win more seats in 2014 by supporting Republicans that will never win in November.


The video mentions her record of picking winners in places like Texas, Arizona, and South Carolina, but it doesn’t mention that her meddling also gave the party losing candidates like Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell in 2010. Palin picked a lot of winners in a Republican landslide year (2010), but she also donated to lots of losers in 2012.

In this video Palin tries to position herself as the tea party outsider with the strength and skill to go up against Karl Rove and the Republican establishment in 2014. Keep in mind that this self styled right wing kingmaker was fired by Fox News because her lunatic ramblings hurt the image of the network and the Republican Party.

The idea that the perpetually trapped in 2008 Palin is in touch enough with the country to pick candidates that will appeal to a broad spectrum of voters borders on insane. Palin is so out of step with the times that she is still questioning Obama’s birth certificate.

If Palin donated the super PAC money that she raises to candidates, she could be taken seriously. However, SarahPAC has a long history of spending money on Sarah Palin. An election is coming up, so Sarah Palin is back to line her pockets while pretending that she is interested in helping the conservative cause. SarahPAC took in more than $5 million in 2012, but the PAC only donated a little over $300,000 to candidates. The PAC spent nearly as much money on Sarah Palin’s travel ($260,000) as it donated to candidates ($311,000).

Palin easily cost Republicans at least two Senate seats in 2010, and while the arrogance in this latest SarahPAC video is laughable, any involvement on her part bodes well for Democrats in 2014.

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