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Rush Limbaugh Deranged Mind Turns Twitter Into a Democratic Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh claimed today that 50% of the news on Twitter is being posted by people getting paid by the Democratic Party.

Audio via Media Matters:

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Transcript via Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Markus Prior, Princeton University. Essentially when you read his abstract here, he’s saying that it is easier than ever to become a low-information voter. It’s easier than ever. No question about it. I just checked something. There is a Twitter feed that anybody can subscribe to called Breaking News, and that’s what it is. But who posts it? Who knows? It has about six million followers, which means that everything on that Twitter feed is automatically sent to those people.

They don’t have to go get it. It shows up. They have to go to Twitter to see it. They still have to fire it up and use it, but it’s sent to them. Now, CNN has an audience of maybe 800,000 people, if you get my drift here. Just one Twitter feed has almost six million. Now, who is it that’s putting information on Twitter? Well, half the people on Twitter, at least, folks (don’t doubt me on this) who are posting political news are political hacks paid by Democrats and their front groups.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

The left, the Democrat Party has made themselves present everywhere. I mean, the dominant media culture in entertainment, books, movies, television shows, sports networks, is leftism/liberalism. So even the people who don’t care about politics, who couldn’t care less about it are exposed to it, while thinking that they are avoiding it. Mr. Prior here makes the point that it is often the low-information people who end up being the most partisan, and it’s rooted in what they think they know that isn’t so.

If Democrats are paying people to post the news on Twitter, the Democratic Party has a whole lot of money. This latest conspiracy is all about Rush Limbaugh returning to his tried and true well of right wing paranoia among his audience. Limbaugh has to keep his listeners scared and paranoid, or they may not keep tuning in. Half of the news on Twitter is all part of a Democratic conspiracy to misinform the American people with things that they like to call facts.

The old right wing paranoia tank is definitely getting low when Limbaugh has to resort to Twitter to get his audience revved up. The Democrats aren’t paying people to post on Twitter. This is just another baseless and zany Limbaugh statement designed to keep his audience away from things that might actually teach them something.

The only person being paid to fill the air with false information is Rush Limbaugh.

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