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Loesch Says Spoons Can Be Assault Weapons, Accuses Van Jones of ‘Uneducation’

Dana Loeach got a bit hysterical last night on Piers Morgan Live in her desperation to spew NRA talking points over Newtown, repeating over and over again, “He reloaded four times! Anyone can reload! He reloaded four times!”

Piers was trying to have a discussion about the fact that Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people in 300 seconds using an AR-15, but Dana was not having any of that. She wound herself up so tightly that she exploded, “If you stab someone with a spoon it can be qualified as an assault weapon!”

Watch the March 28 edition of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live via Media Matters:

Dana Loesch, “He reloaded four times! And he reloaded four times! Anyone can reload! He reloaded four times!”

Poor Peirs begged her to let him finish asking his question. “Dana, let me finish. Are you telling me that doesn’t qualify as an assault weapon?”

Dana Loesch, “By the technical definition, Piers, no! Anything can be qualified as an assault weapon. If you stab someone with a spoon it can be qualified as an assault weapon.”

(Actually, the definition of assault weapon according to Bing is “war weapon: a weapon designed for use in warfare, especially when used in noncombat situations such as terrorism” so that’s probably a NO for spoons, even if they could be used to stab someone with their round edge.)

All heck broke loose when Piers made the mistake of trying to reason with Dana, which resulted in more hysteria from Loesch as others on Piers’ panel tried to break in with reality to no avail. Van Jones pointed out that her tactic was a conscious strategy of the pro-gun folks to constantly bring things around to “things that don’t make any sense.” Yes, Van Jones. Yes. It’s a way of trolling to interrupt conversation about gun safety.

Van Jones, “You’re talking about people stabbing people with spoons. If that were the problem in America, people stabbing people with spoons, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. What we’re talking about is funeral after funeral after funeral. What we’re talking about is children being gunned down. What we’re talking about is common sense measures, not confiscating guns. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about common sense measures that the majority of gun owners agree with.”

Dana, who appeared to have a dim awareness that something wasn’t right during Van Jones’ retelling of her spoon tale, shook her head vehemently and interrupted, “No.”

Yes, actually, the majority of gun owners do agree that common sense measures like background checks should be law. No word on how they feel about spoons yet. But Dana had a handy CBS poll she said showed that these gun measures were “tanking” with Americans, although CNN put the results on the screen and the majority still wanted stricter gun control laws (47% now as opposed to 57% after Newtown, but only 11% want less strict gun laws).

Dana said she was tired of this “conflation” and this — wait for it –“uneducation” when it comes to using terms about firearms.

Uneducation is not a word. For real.

So this, “Dana is very sick of your uneducation” is not a good sentence for many reasons. Van Jones’ face broke into an irrepressible (or is that unrepressible?) grin when Dana broke out the Palinism. Only a conservative could lecture someone else about their ignorance while using the wrong word for miseducation with such clueless venom on national TV.

So Dana was lecturing Van Jones on his uneducation about firearms, when she really hit her stride and successfully yell-talked over both Van Jones and Piers, finally ending in a glorious crescendo with her hand up in the halt sign lest anyone else think that a “discussion” involved someone other than Dana speaking, flinging bombs of distraction at Piers, “How many deaths are okay with you?”

Oh, well played Dana! Americans will surely side with the NRA now. Dana then proceeded to try to bully Piers by forcing him to answer how many childrens’ deaths he was okay with, as he tried to point out that less was better. She was very smug about having gotten that answer, and nodded knowingly as if she had caught him suggesting that spoons are the real problem, “So seven, seven lives lost are okay. You’re okay with seven. I’m just trying to establish where you draw the line. Where do you draw the line?!”

Who is going to tell Dana that we are not okay with any, and that is why we are trying to have a grown-up conversation about how we might mitigate the number a crazy person can kill in five minutes? Piers tried to tell her that, saying that he would draw the line at zero, which Dana pounced on as proof that he was for disarmament. “That’s the answer that I wanted!” She announced, as if she could picture her morning headline of uneducation.

That’s it, patriots. The new argument is spoons are stabbing people across America so HYSTERIA over gun safety measures and if you dare ask any questions, how many deaths are you okay with, you dirty-filthy-rotten-gun-confiscating-Hitler!? Y’all be careful out there, lest you get hit with some uneducation about guns.

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