While Railing Against Consultants, Sarah Palin Spent Millions on Republican Consultants

Angry Palin

In her latest SarahPAC video, Sarah Palin urges her supporters to give her money to fight against GOP consultants, but in 2012 Palin spent millions on Republican political consultants.

The mainstream media made a big noise about the return of Sarah Palin first at CPAC and then through her latest SarahPAC video, but what they didn’t tell you is that Alaska’s post-op Grizzly Adams is pulling a scam that is large even by her grifter standards.

In her CPAC speech, Palin laid the groundwork by telling the party that they needed to get rid of the political consultants. She followed up CPAC with a new SarahPAC video that urged supporters to give her money, so that she could fight to restore conservatism and do battle with the political consultants.

There is only one problem with this.

Sarah Palin spent millions of dollars on Republican political consultants in 2012.

Palin only gave about $300,000 to candidates last year. The rest of the bulk of the money went to consultants. Consultants got a piece of every bit of spending that SarahPAC did in 2012. John Avalon looked at the expense account reports for SarahPAC and found that, “Palin’s chief PAC consultant, Tim Crawford, pocketed more than $321,000 this election cycle in direct payments alone, according to the documents. Aries Petra Consulting was taking in between $6,000 and $8,000 a month for speechwriting and “grassroots consulting”—something that sounds like an oxymoron, but ended up costing north of $160,000. C&M Transcontinental racked up $10,000 a month in management consulting, which is hard to imagine for a PAC whose job is simply to raise money and spend it on candidates. Inside SarahPAC, there were consultants for research and consultants for logistics and consultants for issues and on and on and on. It’s hard to find any area where consultants weren’t employed.”

When people give Sarah Palin’s PAC money so that she can battle the Republican consultants, they are actually paying more Republican consultants. The whole shell game is a giant con. Sarah Palin isn’t spending money on candidates. She is paying consultants to keep the Sarah Palin brand alive. Anybody who gives money to SarahPAC isn’t fighting the consultant machine. They’re supporting it.

Some who don’t understand how Sarah Palin operates may be outraged. Others will incorrectly try to shrug this off as her stupidity in action, but it is neither. This is the way Sarah Palin operates. She is a cunning hypocrite who will exploit any opening for her own financial gain.

She thinks she can get away with anything, but even for Sarah Palin this is a new low.

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