John Yoo Uses the Pretense of Diversity to Defend the Torture Program


John Yoo is back to defend the value of diversity in the CIA.  Yes, a diversity of war crimes apologists is very important to John Yoo. That’s why he thinks it’s appropriate to lecture Liberals about passing up the opportunity to appoint a woman to head the CIA’s clandestine service.  Naturally, there is much more to the story, like the real reason this woman’s appointment was blocked.

See Yoo acknowledges, but minimizes the fact that his ideal candidate was involved in Bush era War crimes ”Brennan has prevented the woman, whose identity is classified, from assuming the post because of her involvement with the interrogation and detention decisions after 9/11.” He goes on to say:

“Because of the heat from the Left during his confirmation, Brennan is blocking the most qualified operative to head the CIA’s key division because of her involvement in interrogations. Clearly, diversity only goes so far for the Left.”

Let’s face it.  He nailed us.  Liberals place a higher value on keeping war criminals away from the reins of power even if the war criminal in question is a woman.  But as we oppose rewarding war criminals with an opportunity to reinstate war crimes, John Yoo wasn’t completely up front in his great defense of diversity, as reflected in the final sentence of his post. ”The Obama administration may be turning Zero Dark Thirty into a historical period piece, rather than an example of what the CIA can achieve in the future.”

Granted, this must be a sad moment for someone who thinks the key to national security is crushing a kid’s testicles.

John Yoo’s pretense of defending diversity is really about defending the torture program that stained our soul while creating more danger.  Among other things, the torture program that conservatives applaud was an effective recruiting tool for terrorists.  By resorting to the war crime of torture, the Bush Cheney administration increased the probability that any of our troops who became POW’s would be subjected to torture.

In the end, Yoo doesn’t care about diversity any more than the all-male House Panel  on reproductive rights did.  Still, his article was good for a momentary chuckle followed by a chilling reminder of the evil that lurks in the Republican Party.

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