After Calling Newtown Parents Human Shields, Rush Limbaugh Has Got To Go


After referring to the parents of Newtown’s 20 murdered children as human shields, it’s time for Rush Limbaugh to go.

Audio via Media Matters:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: Now I got a guy who calls me, “Rush, are they registered lobbyists?”

“Where’s your heart, sir? What do you mean? They’re not lobbying! They’re trying to save other people’s children.” So that’s how it works. It was the president who asked for this mother of a six-year-old who died to do his speech. Senator Richard Blumenthal (Democrat-Connecticut) is using Sandy Hook to raise money in his e-mails. They’re trying to turn the Newtown parents into a dozen Sandy Sheehans in a way. It’s what the Democrats do, folks. They always try to hide their agendas behind women and children, and, most of all, victims. So the Newtown parents are human shields, in a sense.

The Newtown parents are out there to protect the Democrats from any criticism and to shut it down. Pure and simple.

Being controversial is Limbaugh’s gimmick. It is how he stays relevant, but referring to parents who lost their children in a horrific mass shooting as human shields goes too far. It is wrong when Limbaugh does his daily dredging through the pit of racism for ratings. It was wrong when he called Sandra Fluke a slut. Rush Limbaugh is, as a rule of thumb, usually wrong when he opens his mouth.

However, this is a new low even for him.

Since the Republican Party is too weak kneed and gutless to do anything about him, the rest of America has to take a stand. It would be nice to believe that if we ignore Limbaugh he will go away, but the left has been trying this strategy for decades, and the right wing talker’s influence has only grown within the Republican Party.

The advertiser boycott that was ignited by Limbaugh’s slut comments has been hugely successful, but his comments about the Newtown parents should motivate those who believe in decency to redouble their efforts.

Rush Limbaugh has First Amendment rights, but We The People also have the right to refuse to give our business to anyone who advertises on Rush Limbaugh’s show. The advertiser boycott has cost Limbaugh millions, but since he has learned nothing, it looks like it is time for another lesson.

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