The Tea Party Speaks From The Gutter and Tells the GOP to Forget Hispanic Voters

It is hilarious that the Tea Party could raise such sharp objections to the portrayal of their ideology on WWE in the characters Zeb Coulter and his protégé, Jack Swagger. You might remember Glenn Beck’s February spew, that “The WWE now has put a new character out that is demonizing the TEA Party”, and asking, “Did George Soros buy the WWE?”

What Beck really hates is that Media Matters talks about what Tea Partiers are saying. And Media Matters took the time to compare Coulter’s and Swagger’s discourse with actual Tea Party discourse and found them to be identical, including things Beck has said himself. So it isn’t the WWE demonizing the Tea Party, but the Tea Party demonizing itself.

The facts are a reality buzz-kill for Beck and his buddies. No matter how much they protest that they’re really nice guys, they keep spewing intolerance. And right on cue, here comes Republican Representative Tim Huelskamp out of America’s white Kansas underbelly, the man who put the fool in this past April Fool’s Day, to decry Republican outreach to “so-called” Hispanic voters.

He finds this outreach “discouraging.” Probably about as discouraging as some of the small towns in central Illinois (and no doubt Kansas) do when an icky brown motorist finds his way into one of their all-white fast food restaurants (there is even a town near where I live where white folks call the local skating rink the “Chink rink” because it’s “full of” Asians).

Speaking to conservative radio host Steve Deache in an interview Tuesday, Huelskamp could only spew in outrage about the Reagan era Immigration Reform and Control Act.

Listen to his spew care of Think Progress:

It was a mistake, he says.

That’s not going to go through the House. What is interesting and very distracting and very discouraging is, Steve, after the election, the general discussion from Republicans in Washington was, we’ve got to do everything we can to win votes from the so-called Hispanic voter. And I say so-called because there’s all kinds of varieties of beliefs within that immigrant community. And the idea that suddenly, instead of voting 70 percent for the Democrats, somehow they’re going to start voting for Republican? No. What Republicans need to do is get off their rear ends and go out, outside of Washington, and talk about what they’re for!

So rather than reaching out to Hispanic voters, ignore their whining and speak to real Americans. Like Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger’s “We the People.” The same “real Americans” Sarah Palin went after. Keep those icky brown people out of the country and good white conservative Christian real Americans like Tim Huelskamp will never lose another election.

It’s pretty simple.

There are those who will say, “Well, Tim Huelskamp is an ass-clown” and I cannot dispute that. The evidence is all in. This is the guy, after all, who said Hurricane Sandy victims don’t really need relief. And yes, this is in keeping with the Republican credo that, “if you’re still alive to bitch, you don’t have any real problems: just die already.”

But this is a Republican Party that inspires such insipid hyperbole. The more outrageously intolerant you are, the more relevant you are. Collectively, it is akin to a child who wants attention. They will scream louder and louder and throw bigger and bigger tantrums until they get the attention they are looking for.

Sure, Bobby Jindal said that the GOP needs to be smart but there is absolutely no evidence that Jindal or any other Republican really believes that. I mean, hell, Jindal has Louisiana schools teaching kids that slavery was good and that the KKK was just misunderstood! Never mind that Jindal himself looks like somebody the KKK would have happily lynched in the “good old days.”

For the Tea Party, is has always been about their right to speak from the gutter and the complete lack of anyone else’s rights to talk about what they say, let alone critique it. Their faux outrage fits in perfect with Fox News’ faux news but it displays their complete lack of credibility as a political movement. The words they claim are being put into their mouths are, as was the case with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, directly from their mouths.

The Tea Party likes to say we just don’t get the jokes; that they’re just misunderstood too, and that they’re being unfairly demonized for being bigoted white male assholes. Sure they like Hispanic folks, they seem to be telling us. They just like ’em in their own damn country where they can’t negatively influence the cause of white supremacy in America.

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