It Is Time For Democratic Women to Usurp the Power of Male Republicans

Women. Love ’em; bright, responsible, caring and extremely hard working. My dear teacher wife epitomizes all of these qualities as did my late mother. Men? Don’t get me started. Yes, there are a number of committed, concerned and brave (especially military and law enforcement) members of my gender, but not enough to reverse the extraordinary decline that is modern-day America.

Excepting a few bubbleheads like Palin, Brewer, Bachmann, Angle, Haley, Coulter and a handful of other distaff talkers and Tea Party types, the lion’s share of the blame for our current political havoc falls squarely on the shoulders of men. Men like former Rutgers University basketball coach, Mike Rice, seen in a November video pushing his players and repeatedly calling them such names as “sissy bitches” and “Fa**ots. And why shouldn’t he use what he considers the most offensive of terms in his vocal arsenal? Every red state in America has done essentially the same thing in their anti-gay legislation and constitutional amendments. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (and others) even equate gay marriage to bestiality.

The school’s Athletic Director and an investigator viewed the tape almost immediately. Rice was suspended for three games and heavily fined but kept on as coach. Rutger’s President agreed to the punishment at the time but claims not to have seen the tape until quite recently after which he gave Rice the boot.

Our country is plunging headlong into third-world insignificance as a result of the hatred and absolutism of men; the rigid political application of one right-wing answer for every question of governance. This absolutism is absurd, pitiful and laughable and the belief has paralyzed our country and allowed holders of great wealth to feed the monkeys.

Here are two representative snippets from recent local editorial page and column contributions exemplifying right-wing views of government: “God’s word has furnished all necessary rules to direct our conduct.” This in response to legislative issues of education, unemployment, violence and poverty. Commenting on a letter to the editor critical of an imminent “Open Carry” bill, this offering: “Yes, ignorance is being displayed if you think laws can protect us.” Undoubtedly this dude can’t wait to pack a visible .357 on his hip.

An unhealthy percentage of this nation is comprised of echo-chambered, ditto-headed male monkeys swinging from identical limbs in identical directions at the same identical times, drawn together by the twin psychotic delicacies of hatred and guns. These monkeys hate minorities and gays and government. But most of all they hate Barack Obama, an accomplished and intelligent black man occupying the WHITE House. Their equally hateful leaders are calling this man stupid, lazy and disengaged (Sununu), a liar (same guy), a “food stamp” president (Gingrich) and “you and I both know it’s the Muslim in the White House” (Gohmert, again). And let us give the birthers their due (Trump and endless Republican elected officials) and lest we forget the First Lady, there’s Limbaugh’s “uppity” comment. A common thread? Racism!

Extremist’s manipulative tricksters throw media feces at every opportunity in the form of hysterical Fox-driven hyperbole. The latest piece of s**t is that Homeland Security is loading up on ammo so they can attack citizens. The fact is that over the last 3 years ammo purchases have declined. But the power boys know that their trained monkeys never look past Fox and Limbaugh for their information so they can say anything they want and block every issue that could conceivably bring praise to the black president. Too much praise and too many positive policy benefits for the average citizen (Obamacare comes to mind) might mean historical credit for a job well done and that might pave the way for another black man or woman to someday occupy the nation’s highest office. Oh, the horror!

I don’t need to catalog the army of incompetent and/or brutal male leaders throughout history, both in the U.S. and abroad. It’s really tough to find their bumbling equals among the limited number of women that have been allowed to assume the mantle of leading a country.

Frankly, I don’t care what Republican males do anymore. I’ve given up on them. they don’t budge a philosophical inch in spite of being swamped with facts, statistics, history and logic. It’s like talking to balloon animals. Thoughtful people have reached the “don’t bother” stage. About 25-30 percent of men and roughly 5 percent of women are beyond repair. I wouldn’t waste a tiny fraction of a litre of air on these pitiful brainwashed creatures.

Nothing happens with gun reform until women effectively take over the federal government and gain control of the states. Otherwise, 600,000 people per generation die by gun homicides, suicides and accidents. That’s 600,000 plus people in a measured generation of 20-22 years. Two generations 1.2 million or so, including tens of thousands of children. So what? Right monkeys?

And that toughest piece of gun legislation ever passed in a state legislature? That’s a reference to Connecticut’s “sweeping” gun legislation. ROTFLMAO! 100 guns, give or take a few, have been added to the Connecticut assault weapons you can’t buy and no more armor piercing bullets by golly. There’s a new limit on the capacity of ammo magazines to a mere 10 (just 10 deaths for a crack shot). That doesn’t apply to those g-nuts who have already loaded up on the high-capacity stuff, pre-bill signing. The U.S. has 310 million guns according to the Congressional Research Service and more on the way. That’s theoretically a gun per every man woman and child in the U.S. Factually, about 40% of the population owns these guns.

The most telling statement in response to the new legislation came from the group Connecticut Against Gun Violence. “It doesn’t have everything we wanted, but it was everything that could be done within the political reality we were facing.” Translation. The Republicans made sure the bill was a waste of time and space.

Here’s what should be done. Retain aware and truly dedicated Democratic male public servants. Encourage newcomers to run, especially those idealistic and really smart men and women in the younger demographics. Increase the number of minority candidates and put great emphasis on changing the candidate mosaic from lily white ‘good ole boys’ to a mix reflecting the country we live in today.

By far the most important goal for 2014 elections is gaining a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. Until that goal is met, nothing moves in Washington. I would love to see 2 out of 3 Congressional candidates be women. Isolate the radical Tea Party and E-vans. They’ve got nothing for you and you have nothing in common with their beliefs. Concentrate GOTV efforts on Democrats, minorities and moderate independent women.

Women will be the most important strategy in upcoming campaigns. As a female candidate, don’t let a single issue scare you. The low forehead rabble rarely know anything about issues and are usually outnumbered.

2014 and beyond is all about women. Mother, indeed, knows best!

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