In an Anti-Semitic Tweet Donald Trump Claims That He Is Much Smarter Than Jon Stewart


The ugly racism of Donald Trump reared its head again, as the bigoted billionaire went on the attack against Jon Stewart for being Jewish.

Here is the tweet:

Trump’s claim that he “much smarter” than Stewart could be easily dismissed as more delusion from a serial D-list attention seeker, but his anti-semitism can’t be overlooked. In the year 2013 is it really necessary to point out that Jon Stewart is Jewish? Does the fact that Stewart is Jewish somehow confirm Trump’s argument that he is smarter than Stewart?

Someone really needs to tell Donald Trump that being Jewish isn’t a bad thing, but that being a disgusting bigot is.

This sort of attack is nothing new for Trump. Donald Trump is the same guy who believes that President Obama was not born in the United States. Trump also blamed “the blacks” for Obama winning the 2008. Racism and bigotry are as natural as breathing for Donald Trump

However, what is most troubling about Trump is that his constant stream of bigotry and racism has over 2 million Twitter followers. The problem isn’t so much with Trump himself, but the fact that millions of people on the right have elevated him to hero status because he expresses their racist views.

It also speaks volumes about the Republican Party that their 2012 presidential nominee embraced Trump with open arms during the campaign, and refused to condemn him even after the faux billionaire went on a racist rant about Obama’s birth certificate on the same day that he appeared at a joint fundraiser with Romney.

Most political parties would be embarrassed to have someone like Donald Trump standing with them, but the Republican Party treats Trump like a hero.

There is no way that Donald Trump is smarter that Jon Stewart. Trump lost that argument as soon as he used bigotry to put down Stewart. It is easy to point and laugh at Donald Trump and then move on, but the fact that millions of people watch and follow this guy demonstrates how far our society has yet to go.

Jon Stewart is not only smarter than Donald Trump, but he is also a better person for not trying to rip this nation apart with bigotry and racism. Jon Stewart is more of a real American than Donald Trump could ever hope to be.

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