Conan O’Brien’s 8 Best Jokes At The White House Correspondents Dinner


Conan was Conan at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight, when he hit, he was great, but when he missed it was rough. Here are Coco’s 8 best lines.

Video of Conan sparing no media:

1). If the President laughs, everyone laughs. If Fox table laughs, little girl must have fallen off her bike.

2). A waiter asked Bob Woodward if he wanted regular or decaf, and Woodward said “Stop threatening me!”

3). CNN’s ratings are so low James Earl Jones’ voice comes up and says: “You’re watching CNN?????”

4). The Republican Party has a new rising star, Marco Rubio, or as he’s known in the Republican Party, our black guy.

5). It’s been several months since you’ve been reelected, sir. So why are you still sending everyone five emails a day asking for money?

6). Kim Jong-un doesn’t understand we already have an unstable peninsula that will take down America – Florida.

7). Mr. President, your hair is so white, it could be a member of your cabinet.

8). On Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Jesus, It’ll be the first time in history Jesus’ death is blamed on Obamacare.

One of Coco’s Duds:

Reince Priebus is sitting between his brothers Lather Priebus and Repeat Priebus.

Conan had to play a really tough room, but he was true to himself. His oddball sense of humor was still there even when the jokes missed. (A lot of jokes miss for almost everyone who has ever done the WHCD, but Conan had a night where he either hit it out of the park or swing and missed.) There was no middle ground.

Most of Conan’s jokes hit, but President Obama was better.

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