Conservative Calls For Obama’s Impeachment Are A Cover for Their Sore Loser Racism

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The electoral process in the United States has worked as written by the Founding Fathers for 236 years, and although it is a relatively free and fair process, the losing side is hardly satisfied they were rejected from leading the nation. Since the 2008 general election, the vindictive losers have obstructed and blocked President Obama from governing because they have no respect for the Constitution or the American people who elected him twice, and when their attempts to rule from a minority position were thwarted, they stopped working. Republicans’ supporters are worse, and shortly after the President was sworn in in 2009, various groups called for impeaching the President for all manner of conspiracy theories that continues unabated to this day. However, the lunatic calls for impeachment and the reasons conservatives contrived to promote removing the President have no Constitutional basis and it informs they cannot accept that the American people elected an African American man to be President.

According to the United States Constitution Article 2 Section 4, “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors,” but there is nothing whatsoever that remotely implies the President shall be removed for being Black. The latest calls for impeachment surround the Boston marathon bombing and they follow closely on the heels of the Benghazi consulate attack that conservatives resurrected as a reason to impeach the President.

The hypocrisy of the impeachment crowd is stunning when one considers that most of the complaints against President Obama are the result of George W. Bush’s presidency and Republican policies that devastated the economy and inflamed the Muslim world. The Boston bombing is just the latest excuse for conservatives to lash out at the President on two counts. First, a segment of the far-right still claims the Saudi student who was injured in the marathon bombing was not, as the FBI claims, a witness and victim, but a perpetrator the President spirited out of the country to show his obeisance to the Saudi king. Another group claims the President coddles jihadists and has been “unwilling to keep us safe from terror attacks, including the bombings in Boston. It’s time he is held responsible for his gross negligence. It’s time that he be impeached. The Boston massacre exposed Obama’s reckless approach to combating terror; he has made Americans pay a terrible price.” This is the same President who has been savaged by the left and the right for killing terrorists with weaponized drones, and yet the same conservatives are calling for his impeachment for “coddling jihadists.” The same charges have been leveled at the President for “knowingly and willingly letting our people die proving he is as much of a moral coward as he is a dictatorial presence in the White House” over the Benghazi terrorist attack.

If Republicans and their conservative sycophants are serious about embassy attacks and not rank hypocrites, why did they not call for impeachment proceedings for any of the at least 7 embassy attacks during the Bush administration that claimed at 31 lives, or for ignoring clear warnings bin Laden intended to hijack American airliners and fly them into buildings on September 11 2001 that killed over 3,000 innocent Americans? When Bush was president, anyone who questioned his actions were branded as traitors, unpatriotic, and not supporting the troops by the same conservatives calling for the President’s impeachment.

There is an absurd laundry list of charges conservatives have leveled at the President that they claim are irrefutable impeachable offenses that demonstrate their complaints are nothing but cover for blatant racism and anger over the results of two elections. A sampling of the “legitimate crimes” that have no basis in facts, and reasons for impeachment are; giving amnesty to illegals, discrediting the family as an institution, the recession, discrediting the Constitution and Founding Fathers, being a Muslim, calling for gun safety measures, revenue to address the deficit, and the Boston bombing. The Boston bombing is particularly noteworthy because the alleged bomber told investigators his motivation for the attacks was the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are Bush’s folly as was the recession and the deficit. The only president in the last thirty years to grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants was Ronald Reagan, and he also raised new revenue (taxes) several times to address the nation’s debt; but Bush and Reagan were white so they are heroes.

These conservatives and Republicans who have obstructed this President and searched relentlessly for some reason to impeach him cannot accept that in two elections, the American people elected an African American man to lead the nation. Just mentioning that the real objection to Barack Obama is his race never fails to garner outrage and hateful comments from conservatives, but lacking any credible complaints, there is no other reason. Conservatives have blamed President Obama for George W. Bush’s malfeasance, and congressional Republicans have consistently blamed him for their actions such as flight delays due to the GOP’s sequestration cuts they quickly remedied because they affected the wealthy.

Conservatives hate the President because he is an African American who is cleaning up their great white hero Bush’s devastation, and it began before he had served a month in office. Republicans in Congress conspired to bring the government to a halt in January 2009 unless they were allowed to continue leading the nation into certain demise, and they have been unrelenting in obstructing America’s recovery from their economic malfeasance with no end in sight. According to Republicans and their acolytes, criticizing a president is tantamount to treason and brands one as unpatriotic, unless the President is African American.

There may be ideological differences in how the nation is governed, but the opposition to this President exceeds political ideology, especially when President Obama has proposed many policies that originated with Republicans. What is admirable is that the President conducts himself with grace and still reaches out to Republicans in a spirit of bipartisanship regardless he must know they will reject their own proposals out of sheer spite borne of racist hate. Republicans have exposed their contempt for the American people over the past four years, and it is not just because they are not rich, it is because they elected a Black man, and the cretins are cowards for not admitting it.




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