Tears of Joy as Emergency Manager Is Leaving Detroit Public Schools



“If I’m wanted on a computer or by phone, I will be of help from afar… but I have no business inside the school district,” Roberts said Thursday after announcing his decision to step down.

This may prove to be the most honest thing Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts has said during his entire unwelcome tenure as Gov. Rick Snyder’s appointed pitbull to assist his ongoing efforts to destroy democracy and civil rights in his own state, while dismantling public education at the same time.  Roberts was quoted as saying these exact words in the Detroit News on Thursday when he announced his all-too-welcome decision to GTFO and step down in a couple weeks.

So just like that, eh Roy? After all that bluster and bravado and windbaggery flapping your lips about all these things you were gonna do for (to) Detroit Public Schools, proclaiming yourself to be the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing Oz in control of your very own imaginary Wonderland where Roy Rules, you suddenly ran outta wind and decided now was a good time to exit stage left. Why, you even said that you had been considering retiring for quite some time now, Roy, which I find, well…hell….

What does one say exactly when one simply cannot believe this s—?

Interestingly enough, this comes just a week or so after it was discovered that the Educational Achievement Authority sorta kinda ‘borrowed’ $6 million from DPS to help cover its bills. It did this without alerting the Detroit Public School Board, and without alerting the board members of the EAA. Sorta kinda illegal. From the Detroit Free Press:

The security concerns come on the heels of accusations against the EAA from Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton, a Democrat from Huntington Woods, who said the EAA had stalled and charged her $2,642.05 for documents she requested under the Freedom of Information Act last month. Lipton released the information this week, including documents that show that Detroit Public Schools took out loans through +the Michigan Finance Authority’s state aid note program and gave the money to the the EAA to pay its bills.

Strangely enough it is Roberts who has been overseeing both DPS as Emergency Manager while also remaining a board member on the EAA. Some may say this appears to be a conflict of interest but, oh well, whatever. After all, Roberts says he didn’t know nothin’ ’bout it. And now he’s headed off into the sunset to spend more time with his wife, he says. Because he has sacrificed so much for so long and now it’s just time he spent a little more time with the little lady. And I, for one, think that’s just lovely, Roy.

Way to stand tall, big fella. Yes indeedy.

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