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Cops Arrest Teen For ‘Terror Threat,’ But Ted Nugent Threatens Obama and Goes Free

Scary Terror-Rapper

When the Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, they revealed their belief that among all the rights American citizens should enjoy, the freedom of self-expression through their speech was a primary human right. That freedom of speech has protected private citizens for over 230 years, including the past four years when blatant threats against the government and President Obama, including threats of revolution and violence, has been a favorite talking point for Republicans, neo-conservatives, and teabaggers who cannot comport an African American man as President. Throughout all the threats, concerned Americans have asked why there has been no charges filed against the gun fanatics and hate groups only to be told they are protected under the 1st amendment, but finally law enforcement has acted and arrested an American citizen who faces felony charges for making terrorist threats.

The suspect is a teenage high school student from Methuen Massachusetts who is being held on $1 million bond and faces 20 years in prison for posting an alleged threatening rap on his Facebook page. The wannabe rapper was arrested after another high school student alerted authorities regarding “disturbing verbiage,” but according to a press release the threats “were in general and not directed towards another person or the school.” The police chief in Methuen, Joe Solomon, said “He posted a threat in the form of rap where he mentioned the White House, the Boston Marathon bombing, and said ‘everybody you will see what I am going to do.” Besides arresting the teenager, Cameron D’Ambrosio, police searched his home, confiscated a computer and Xbox, and dug deeper into his Facebook page for more clues to the wannabe rapper’s activities, and cited a “disturbing satanic photo posted as well as a photo of himself on a Wanted Poster that reads “Wanted Dead or Alive” that must have tipped off authorities the kid was a terrorist.

Law enforcement claimed his Facebook page revealed the teen had an interest in gangs, violence, and a criminal lifestyle, and a post that read, “F*ck politics, F*ck Obama and F*ck the government!!” What law enforcement uncovered are typical statements of hundreds-of-thousands of suburban white teenagers across America attempting to identify with entertainers in the rap world, and it leads one to wonder why they took the extraordinary step of arresting a typical teen for expressing the sentiments of millions of young people when they look the other way when national figures like Ted Nugent, teabaggers, Republican politicians, and gun fanatics make violent threats targeting the government and President Obama, and openly call for armed insurrection. Maybe it was that “disturbing satanic poster” the teen found at the local mall, or the cowboy-themed “Wanted Dead or Alive” novelty poster every county fair sells after inserting the buyer’s photo to give it that personal touch.

It is likely that if the wannabe rapper had been a member of the National Rifle Association and specifically made threats against the President of the United States, he would have been given a pat on the back and a hearty “well done” by teabaggers and so-called patriots as law enforcement feigned adherence to the 1st amendment’s freedom of speech clause and looked the other way. Maybe if the teenager was a member of the 44% of Republicans who think armed revolution against the government to protect their liberties is a growing possibility, law enforcement officials would have shrugged it off as just another innocent political statement. If the teenager had been a gun dealer and posted a YouTube video calling on other gun zealots to wait for his call to arms to begin shooting people when President Obama called for gun safety legislation, thousands of faux patriots would have rallied to his defense as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck cheered on a real American.

This alleged “terrorist threat” from a kid who looks to be all of 14 years old and posted a rash of videos of him and his African American pal playing Mario Brothers, performing one poorly-executed skateboard trick, Call of Duty, and a decidedly amateurish attempt at rapping is a blatant example of double standard. It is noteworthy that law enforcement concentrated on the teen’s rapping and that particularly “disturbing” fantasy “Satanic poster” as troubling signs of a terrorist threat at the same time they claimed the threats were “in general and not directed at another person” after arresting and charging him with posting a threatening rap on Facebook. Also noteworthy is the teen’s “F*uck politics, F*ck the government, and F*ck Obama” that typify teenagers’ sentiments about politics, but law enforcement is in desperate need of a token to give the public the illusion they are protecting Americans from terrorism. Why arrest and charge NRA board members and gun fanatics for making violent threats against the government and President when there is a teenager with a “disturbing Satanic poster” and poorly performed rap on Facebook living in suburban Massachusetts?

The kid, and he is a kid, was expressing a typical “f*ck politics” sentiment millions of Americans, young and old, profess every day but go unmolested by law enforcement the same as militant gun fanatics stocking up on assault weapons and ammunition for the day “armed revolution” is necessary to protect their liberty to impose religion, ban contraception, and restrict millions of Americans from access to basic healthcare insurance. If that wannabe rapper had an NRA poster on his Facebook page, and expressed his discontent with politics in country and western song, he would be home playing Mario Cart and riding his skateboard instead of being where thousands of gun zealots and anti-government conservatives belong; in jail on a million dollar bond and facing 20 years in prison for making terrorist threats and inciting revolution.


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