Obama and The White House Take A Shot at GOP for Not Properly Funding Government

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This week’s round up from the West Wing is titled “Nobody Does It Better.” The President got a dig in at Republicans: “Nobody does it better than we do,” he said with pride, adding, “when it’s adequately funded, when it’s adequately supported.”

Oh, snap.

Here’s what your President did this week while Republicans were figuring out how to better frame their attempts to eliminate overtime pay (if successful, expect them to blame Obama). Watch here via the White House. Gov:

Nobody Does It Better, This Week at the West Wing:

This week, President Obama spoke at the Planned Parenthood conference and the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, met with the King of Jordan, made five personnel announcements, celebrated the sciences and the Joining Forces Initiative, and embarked on a trip to Mexico and Costa Rica.

Friday, April 26th
The President became the first sitting President to address Planned Parenthood’s National Conference, where he demonstrated his unwavering support for protecting women’s reproductive rights.
King Abdullah II of Jordan visited the White House for a bilateral meeting with the President, where the two leaders addressed the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Saturday, April 27th

The President joined comedian Conan O’Brien and the journalists who cover his administration at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.
Monday, April 29th
At the National Academy of Sciences, the President joined the current members of the Academy to celebrate the 150 years of work.
The President announced he was nominating Charlotte NC mayor, Anthony Foxx as the next Secretary of Transportation.
In the Roosevelt Room, the President and the Vice President met with Latino leaders to discuss the upcoming trip to Mexico and Costa Rica.

Tuesday, April 30th

On Tuesday morning, the 100th day of the President’s second term, the President held a news conference in the Briefing Room.
The Vice President, Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady, and the President joined business leaders in the East Room to announce significant new hiring commitments for transitioning servicemen and women, veterans and military spouses as part of the Joining Forces initiative.

Wednesday, May 1st

The President made two more personnel announcements in the State Dining Room, nominating Congressman Mel Watt to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Tom Wheeler to head up the Federal Communications Commission.

Thursday, May 2nd

The President made his third personnel announcement of the week, for two more positions in his administration, Mike Froman as the next US Trade Representative and Penny Pritzker as the next Secretary of Commerce.

Then it was time to head south for a three-day trip to Mexico and Costa Rica.

The President also mentioned a list of projects that Congress needs to step up and fund right away. Don’t hold your breath; Republicans can’t stand it if Obama wins, even when it’s a win for the country.

Just this week, Republicans released an attack ad against Obama, itemizing his “defeats”, one of which was background checks, which were killed by none other than the very Republicans making the ads. But it got worse- they illustrated said “defeat” with a black and white photo showing the President hugging Nicole Hockley, a mother whose child was a victim of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

We know why the background check legislation failed to pass, because the Republican sponsor of the bill told us: The Republicans did not want to “help” the President.

It’s not possible to overestimate Republican petulance. Republicans later claimed they weren’t responsible because the clip came in a news package, as if they don’t know how to edit (as if they didn’t edit the package). Given their alliance with deceptive edit king James O’Keefe and the Breitbart gang, it’s not possible that Republicans don’t know how to edit. But as usual, they are not responsible for what they do. Their failure must be (points finger at Obama) the President’s fault. Obama made them label the death of children a “defeat”.

Ponder the utter absurdity of the beltway blaming both sides equally for the dysfunction in DC. One side is comprised of petty, vindictive man-children, so dead set on destroying Obama that they have lost sight of protecting America’s children. The other is busy trying to get things done, while avoiding being tripped at every step.

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