House Republican Compares President Obama to Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias


After the Jodi Arias verdict, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) wrote one of the most tasteless tweets that you will ever read. Stockman compared President Obama to Jodi Arias.

Stockman tweeted:

Wow, this tweet was repulsive in so many ways. Here is a House Republican who whined that the media would rather cover a murder than a fake conspiracy theory that Republicans can’t prove. House Republicans are under the belief that if they just keep screaming Benghazi enough, people will begin to believe their bogus claims.

While the media should have better things to do than cover a murder trial, the Jodi Arias coverage was more justified than listening to Republicans repeat their tired Benghazi talking points again.

This most disgusting element of Stockman’s tweet is that he believes that President Obama and a woman who gruesomely murdered her ex-boyfriend are at the same level. What Jodi Arias did to Travis Alexander was a crime. Unlike what House Republicans have been doing with Benghazi, prosecutors proved to a jury that Arias was guilty of committing a crime. President Obama has committed no crime. The evidence shows that there was no crime committed by President Obama relating to Benghazi. Obama did not murder Amb. Stevens and the three other Americans who died in the attack on the embassy.

Rep. Stockman’s use the Arias verdict as an excuse for why nobody is interested in his conspiracy theory was a bit of pathetic self denial. The media loves a good political scandal. The problem for Obama hating House Republicans is that there is no scandal here.

The level of Obama hate on the right is so out of control that they can’t tell the difference between a cold blooded murderer and the President of the United States.

Rep. Stockman is an insult to the Congress, and a disgrace to his country.

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